Stegosaurs Unique or Apex

Can we have a stegosaur unique or apex creature? They are never utilized anywhere and the whole family could use a nice little buff to the class.


I would like a Carnotarkus Hybrid which has the stegosaurid base

Two words: Stegodeus hybrid.

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Created a stegosaur hybrid
download (67)

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Oh maybe I should mention a stego body and mixed with a dinosaur not another class of creatures.

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I love this idea, but Carnotaurus doesn’t need another hybrid in its line…

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Agreed. Make stegod into an ingredient for an apex steggo. Its more fitting


Wasn’t that supposed to be the geminititan hybrid, just without the stego model. It’s be nice with the stego model. It seems they’re more focused on sauropods for the next few updates tho

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Unsure why because we have 3 unique sauropods already. Then the geminideus thing if it wins would be an apex sauropod.

We have touramoloch and dioraja said but I do not consider those unique stegos since they are hadrosaur and theropod bodies.

Can’t believe we don’t have one yet in either unique or apex. We are lucky to have a few in legendary but why’d they cap them off in that rarity?

I think they didn’t think they could do much more with them as in making them powerful without incorporating stuff from other families. It’s a bummer we don’t even have one stego unique. Especially after stegos became small group attacks niche in 2.0 updates

Stegodeus had defense shattering rampage in the past. They can give them thagomizer group attacks and some immunities or something. They can “change its kit” as they say.

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Stego doesnt have to stay resilient. Ludia can make it cunningnor fierce if they wanted. Look at lythronax (not to be confused with lord lythronax). Its a medium/large theropod but its resilent. Whos to say a spiky ball of plates cant be fierce

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Or wildcard good point.

Stegod never had DSR. What it had was APR.

It had something that destroyed shields and armor. That’s what I remember.

maybe we can get a stegoscropion unique when they add insects. That way it could atleast keep the stego tail but the boney spikes excrete venom.

Making it a tank that can poison which could be a new mechanic rather then a dot.

And it doesn’t get much tankier then scorps. Literally can go a year without eating.

Like it causes blindness and chance of miss like dodge and slight dot like 10%