Stegosaurus attacks while he should be stunned


Had 2 fights now where a stego was stunned (after slowing me in the same round). But instead of being unable to attack it DID attack right away. in the first fight i had a stygimoloch, in the other a triceratops (gen 1). Also in the styi fight right before that the opposing stego (lvl 16) did one shot my trex with a crit over more than 2k2…that seems more than strange in itself… fix it…


Did you record the match ? If not you send a mail to the support maybe they will be able to look at the battle to see if something went wrong.

There are setups where you can attadk 3 times in a row without any bug. Since we can’t know how it played out without a record it’s hard to tell.


If only they have a Replay matches, it would have been more easier for them for us to record and report. i mean no one records each of their game play every time.


I agree that would be a great feature