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Stegosaurus extinct?

Since the update Stegosaurus have completely vanished from my town. I’ve played at dawn, dusk, night and day. I live in L1 but easily travel through all zones daily. Any tips on where they’re hiding?

They are Park Spawns only

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Thank you …so much! I’ll hit the parks today. Probably the one place I’ve played the least since the update.

They used to proliferate in my areas, now they are gone.

The few parks in my area are either tiny, so no spawns… or fenced in state land which is inaccessible. Pffft! It’s going to take a long time to get used to 1.5

Yes, so many changes in 1.5, but some great things. I’ve finally been able to find Bary, Raja, and Mono in the wild. Rare yes, but at least have had encounters with them. I’m pretty heavily invested in Stegosaurus fusions though and really need to find some. TRex was a pretty common find for me, most days 2-4, but now not so much.

They’re gone in arenas too.

Has somebody been recently hunting Stegosaurus?? As per meta site and above statements, it should be an anytime park spawn.

I went multiple rounds around the parks in my area and could hardly find a couple during evening/night. In the morning, I couldn’t even find a single Stego in parks.

Used to think Velociraptor spawns were nerfed. But Stego seems like a rare!

The problem is there are so many park spawns that the pool is so diluted the commons are rare… they need to move some of these park spawns to locals and give us more diverse local spawns. So we see less majunga, eiono,sucho, diplo…


I’ve used scents in park areas and Stegs do show up.

@rimshaker: I also tried doing that, but was greeted by Apatos and other park spawns but not a single stego for the 20 mins common scent.
I used the scent in the morning and was going on the side road of the park. Do you use your scent during any particular time of day/way for parks?

I haven’t seen any for ages even around parks.

I make sure i’m inside the park boundaries, not just around the perimeters. I’ve only used the scents at night but that shouldn’t matter since Steg spawns are anytime. Not all parks spawn Stegs the same way. I was at a big park with a 20min scent and no Stegs showed up. But a tiny park near my house gave me 2 spawns on a 5min scent.

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Ludia wanted to flog their Scent of Claws scents, which were predominantly Stegosaurus and Apatosaurs, probably should’ve bought a few of them before the offer ended - at least that is how it seems that Ludia want you to play game (Nerf spawn. Can’t find it? Buy it!) I stock-piled 4 of those scents for when I need some more Stegosaurus.

They can also be found at Police Stations.

Thankfully I have the police HQ at the bottom of my road, the only annoying thing is I can’t reach the supply drops on police property (they’ve been reported numerous times but Ludia just ignores me).

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Thanks! I just saw a Stego in the park nearby and tried out a 5 min scent. It yielded Apatos 2 times and a Lythro/Dime G2.

Will try a couple more scents at night and see what happens.

To be honest I scent-stalk Park Zones on a daily basis using Large Common Scents and you will be lucky to see 1 stegosaurus, let alone 2.

Thanks for the input!

There was a stego in zone 2 in my work parking lot. Hope it’s a good sign :slightly_smiling_face:

Let’s just hope that they re-sell some more Scent of Claws scents later (like they did with the Halloween scents afterwards). I would say that 200 HC is worth it, and definitely worth buying a few if you’re after Stegosaurus. :wink:

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I did 2 yesterday in a huge state park. It was really cold out and I was able to drive 5-10 mph. Lythronax after lythronax, no stegos, one dilo gen 2 and others. That was frustrating…Love going to that park when I am literally the only one there.

It’s funny that, I was hunting for Lythronax (after they moved it out of my home zone, and before they just became a global anywhere spawn). The park I go to is so small that I’m across it in 5 minutes, so have to wander around in a figure of eight to take my time lol