Stegosaurus gen 2?

I just got my Trike gen 2 maxed out in preparation for Stegosaurus gen 2. Does anyone have some inside information as to how long I have to save up dna?

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Don’t expect the same hybrid for Triceratops Gen 2. Pteranodon Gen 2 was made with the intention of having Pteraquetzal instead of Zalmonodon Gen 2.

Unfortunately we have as much information about upcoming creatures as we do about the next decade’s weather. Save up as much DNA as you can but if you have some other hybrid in your wishlist, then carry on with that instead of waiting for Triceratops Gen 2’s hybrid.


Maybe trikes G2 hybrid will be that rat dracoceratops?

Possibly. It would be ported from JWA


I would like it JWG made a super hybrid of stegoanktop
-part trike
-part stegosaurus

  • and D.N.A of ankylosaurus

The ultimate defensive dinosaur. They better make it a glass cannon.


Stegoankops/Ankylostegops would and should be an Glass Canon! It Really great defense combine with an Extra heavy tail! Stats gotta be about 7.500/6000


Jurassic fury what do you think about getting 1 more level 20 gorgosuchus and just have 2 level 20 instead of one thirty Becuase my amphibian line up is trash. Also this is instead of unlocking ostipasaurus.

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Without seeing your Lineup, it’ll be hard to tell…

Jurassic fury here is my starring line up. After these I have some level 10 vips and then legendaries and stuff like that.

I missed the rajasaurus but it’s stats are almost identical at leve 20 to level 30 suprannotitan

Um… Exactly how difficult are your events with your Lineup?

Bro it’s usually level 21 team of like gorgosuchus or erlophosoirus. The hardest events are the S dna, Stockholders, and Dino buck one. Usually consisting of 3 level 20 or above tournement hybrids. I can knock those out with some good strats with metraiphodon and indo raptor. Just wanted more amphibians Becuase I’m facing a lot of erlophosaurus and glythornax

I also could use some segnosuchuses but I quit before segnosaurus was unlocked. So I don’t have any good herbivores. I would happily spend 15 thousand bucks to get a couple of level 10 segnosuchuses. I make about 2000 bucks a day btw.