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Stegosaurus shortage


I’m a fan of the game but I have noticed the Stego’s are not to be found and every week I look at what our dinosaurs for the week will be yet no Stegosaurus. Please bring them back.


sadly stegosaurus is a park spawn now


But they are all over the parks.


Which really sucks, all of the parks in my state are flooded from all the rain we’ve been getting. :frowning:
The one closest to me is closed because of it


Weeks ago we could get Scent of Claws from supply drops, but now we can’t get any. I still have one, when I want more Stegosaurus, I just activate it.
Other than that, I always see a Stegosaurus standing next to a police station near my home. So I think you may find them.

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Yep - get one 7-ish times out of 10 when I go past a police station


Being a park dino means for many, including myself, that you will not see that dino almost never. All the parks near my house are not parks for the game. In my case the only luck is that from the train I pass through a large area on the edge of a river that does count as a park and every day I can catch a couple on the way out and a couple on the way back. I am one of the most fortunate of the alliance because some have not seen a park and, therefore, no stego in months. The penalty is very hard because with it four legendary and two unique merge.

Similar but increased happens with the rest of park creatures, being the case more scandalous that of the Darwin. We did a brief survey in my alliance and most of the members have not seen any Darwin. I have seen two in that river margin but the last one more than a month ago. How are we going to create one of the two unique ones that need thousands of Darwin DNA?

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All my parks are too small for anything but 1 dino spawn.

Rarely anything there


Actually I don’t know for yours but park spawns will bleed out into regular area by a block or so.

If your looking for park beast DNA getting close works too. A scent will uncover them as long as you use the appropriate scent level.

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I know, sometimes I see a stego near one of the few parks that I see. The problem is that we are talking about a park so small that it can accommodate one or two creatures so I hopefully see a stego or a tany but it is normal to see a sarcosuchus or an iguanodon. For example, I have not seen any Darwin in 2019 and we are already in March. In the same period I have evolved Thor from 22 to 29 so you can imagine the amount of tarbos that I could catch in proof of the hours and hours I spend playing. In this way it is very complicated to evolve some dinosaurs.