Isn’t this dino like everywheres? Well it is in my area I’m only catching it to complete the task !



Seems like developers dont play the game. Yes, its everywhere un every area in every city, so Id like to know why they use It for the event.


Yea it’s kind of annoying to wake up to this dino as apart of the 7 days but I guess everyday can’t be great but paying for the game you expect the best right? I do lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I am thrilled by them making Stegosaurus as part of the special park missions. Hopefully that will mean there are less of the little gits round my way so I can catch some other stuff. :grin:


Nope I’m seeing stegosaurus everywhere’s even not in the green zones for attempts


They should call it stegosaurus day ! :joy: I don’t know what to do with all the DNA for him that I have now besides for the hybrid which I need a lot of coin to level up now lol slow go but I’m getting there! Time to add some $$


There are four on the map where I am right now and only one is under a green supply drop.


I know it’s really bad stegosaurus was s only good for that one hybrid you get out of him which is a really good one stegoteratops I believe that’s the spelling of him


Probably because of people complaining about raptors, since Stegos decimate them. It’s a powerful dino in it’s own right, too.


Yea I haven’t really tested a stegosaurus out because I’ve always had the better rarer version. I use the DNA now for hybrids only no leveling .


I think it is for the stegosaurus fusion