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Stgydaryx really needs a rework

Ok, I want to emphasize one thing , like k said in my rework not very long ago, Stgydaryx is by no means trash. It’s a relatively strong creature that has access to a destructive strategy by stacking double bleeds

But…compared to the other uniques, Stgydaryx is by far the worst

@Ned @Jorge @J.C
You listened to the community when we asked about improving Maxima and you did it. Wouldn’t be possible to allow the Devs to consider what I say in the old rework topic below

It is super long, so maybe just skip to the end where I talk about the rework, but reading through the whole thing would give you a wider understanding of its flaws.

Once again, it would be appreciated if you could get the Devs to view this and consider it. I mean, I have no idea if they are planning a rework in 1.10 and I doubt you will either.

Both ways, I want and I am sure that some others want Stgydaryx to be on par with the rest of the uniques

Thanks in advance

Btw, I know there are a lot of reworks here, but I’m not asking for a specific one. Each rework has some good and bad parts. Sometimes mixing and matching these reworks might be a better idea, but it’s not up to me though. It’s up to what the Devs think.

I don’t mean that in a bad way at all😁

This idea just hit me, it’s really wierd, but it could work.

Health 4500
Attack 1200
Speed 128
Crit 5
Armour 0

Shielded slowing strike (I think it is called that)

Disabling Rampage (deal 2x damage. Remove positive effects, disable targets counter and immunities for 2 turns (cooldown 3)

Stun and swoop

Wounding Invincibilty

Swap in Invincibility

Just to clarify,say Daryx uses disable Rampage on Tryo, its Immunity it disabled for 2 turns, so it can be affected by stats effects. Then, if Daryx uses stun and swoop, or Wounding Invincibility, Tryo can get wounded. Of course it will only be wounded by wounding Invincibilty if Tryo breaks the shield. Now, when the disable wears of, Tryo will still be wounded until the bleed wears off, but it can’t be affected by anymore status conditions

It’s a strange rework, but interesting


I agree with u there …I really like StigyDaryx, just needs a bit of reworking to make it hold up better in the higher arenas…


The more replies we get, the more notice this might get

Who knows what might happen, but I’m holding out some hope that 1.10 might be a good patch for stgy

I do hope so too…I would like to add her to my team…she has a good moveset and she took me so long to create… :slight_smile:

This beauty sadly fell off my team this patch

Just couldn’t keep up the standard of the rest.
Loved using her and she was a great addition to my team

reply for notice


Well, km glad people like and agree with what o am trying to do

Wonder if we will hear from the mods

Yep I totally agree Tuophysis…

Also, once again, it’s not trash like loads think, but it’s not on the same level as the other uniques

Just need to emphasize that

Of course!
Isn’t it obvious that we kinda wanna see every unique just as much in the arenas? They all need to be equally powerful, and this one clearly isn’t. I’d love to see more Pterovexus as well.


they have made it so that power differences occur based on the difficulty of the ingredients.
equal power will never happen sadly

Defo, Pteravexus needs to be, but…
I personally prefer Daryx, which isn’t really the point, but Pteravexus has been reworked and decently buffed a couple of times, still not amazing and bad for a unique, but Stgydaryx has not been touched much at all.

It has only had a health nerf than a health buff, that’s it, which is why I’m trying to change something

Thing is, Darwin isn’t super easy to get, but I see what you mean

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You can say that. Vexus is the last missing dino in my 1.8 dinodex. (210/250)

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But then again, mono isn’t easy to find

You hunt on Saturdaus for Darwin’s and some failz where others like me find this

Woah, those are 4 dinos I’d love to dart right now!

I live in L3 so I find some mono, with monostegotops at 26 I can’t say I’m lacking it.

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None of the Darwin’s despawned, so I got both