Sticking GPS and Disconnects


You guys need to do something about the sticking GPS where I’m going but the GPS has me stuck back a quarter mile. I’ve never had this sticking GPS in Pokemon. What’s wrong with your game? My MapMyFitness follows me with zero issues and when your GPS has me stuck, MapMyFitness is right there with me. So it’s not my phone GPS that is sticking. It’s your game programming that stops checking my location. MInimizing and maximizing the game so the map refreshes doesn’t work to get your game to refresh my GPS location. I have to completely reboot your game.

The other thing is the disconnects. Within the last couple weeks, the “Reconnect” button just isn’t reconnecting (like anyone should even have to hit a reconnect button) It just sits and spins and will never stop if I don’t kill your game and impatiently wait the whole 60 seconds for your pokey game to reload. I can reboot my phone in 45 to 50 seconds. Please tell me why it takes a whole minute for a game to load and be playable. This constant having to kill your game and reload it getting horribly annoying. Like I say, I shouldn’t even have to hit a reconnect button. It should just reconnect and even say “Attempting to Reconnect” after the error code. Then after a few attempts and fails at reconnecting, automatically try to reboot the game… by itself. At that point if the game does not reload, then stop. It could be bad signal depending on where I’m at.

Pokemon had issues at first because of server overload but I don’t recall but few connection issues only as a result of actual real loss of data signal like in the middle of the big metal manufacturing building where I work.

Please work on these two items.


The GPS sticking is down to Google maps. They’re not the best when it comes to getting the signal to go through correctly. Since JWA uses Google maps in the game’s architecture, it’s no surprise that there are issues. I have to sometimes restart the app when my GPS sticks. I haven’t heard if iPhone users are having the same issues, if not then it could also be an Android issue.

As for the disconnects, I find that the only time it happens to me is when I am using mobile data as opposed to a stable WiFi connection. But I’ve learned to live with it, because you can’t get very far on a WiFi signal.


And yeah, signal strength can be weakened by metal in a building’s frame. It’s almost like the building becomes a Faraday cage in areas, blocking the signal completely, while weakening it in other areas.


It’s not like that with every carrier, though. I don’t know why that is, but I would lay odds that it’s down to whose tower is the closest to you, and how big their network is in your area. If you’re not on their network, but the signal is bouncing off of their towers, the signal gets slowed down. This can affect the data that comes through as well. It’s kind of like when an ISP starts “throttling” data because you aren’t paying extra for faster internet. If you aren’t a customer of whichever carrier owns the towers your signal is bouncing off of, your signal gets lower priority. It gets throttled back.


Combined with the dead spots in the building you described, it’s not a surprise that this is occurring.

It’s definitely aggravating, there’s no doubt. But if it’s more a technical issue dealing with carrier networks slowing data down for non-customers on their towers, or metal buildings creating a dead zone… That’s something outside of Ludia’s reach.