Sticky notes for alliance chat

It would be nice if co-leaders and the leader of the alliance could put a sticky message in the alliance chat. That way, everyone can see more easily what is going on right now, and what is important to share. For example, reminding members to a specific alliance mission.


@Ned would you be able to pass this idea on to the developers? :slight_smile:

There are over 15 open bugs in the chat. Please let them fix those first before asking them to try and add other stuff.
@Ned please ignore the above question and ask them instead why it takes 2 years to not fix something simple that has been broken since its introduction.

Sorry to steal your (Mit)thunder, but priorities first.

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I’d like this feature. Not everyone wants to join external chats, and it can be really hard to communicate to members from different time zones over alliance chat which can be fast moving.
But yeah given that chat is still buggy after years, im not sure this is doable haha

I agree. Things need to be fixed before adding more broken pieces to the game.

I’d also like to have a chat window in the RAID lobby before they add a sticky note, but that’s just my personal preference.


The raid lobby definitely needs that, everyone I think would agree. Teamwork is difficult without communication, it feels so obvious I shouldn’t have to say that.

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