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Sticky tiles after 1.10 update

Well this is a new one. The whole bottom row of tiles can’t be moved by me to make matches. If I make a match in a row above or match down to them, they move, but I can’t make a match upwards or sideways using the bottom row of tiles! Really annoying! I have sent a message to support. This could be a big lose in alpha battles where every possible match is needed…


I’m sorry that is happening, NightLight4. If this happens again, please try tapping on the auto-play feature, and it should help you complete your current match.

Update: Our team is currently looking to push a fix for this ASAP. In the meantime, you should be able to match the tiles by moving them from the top of the gem and not the middle.

I had the same thing happening to me, three times now, one in alpha battle, one in arena, one in quest… And that’s just the times I noticed that because I wanted to make an alignment or use a special tile…

Thanks for this advice @Ned, it does work! If you can just touch the very top they ‘unstick’!

Same things happen here.

With the new update the bottom row of tiles doesn’t work . Is anyone else having this issue


i have this issue too

I have the same issue, including arena not working

Same here!

Have same issue with bottom row and arena and alpha battles. Could finish by using the auto-match option but now that is not even working.

Same problem

Same problem here.

One of my clan mates gave me a hint: If you tap the bottom row in its upper part, matching mostly works.


Same problems, and from yesterday arena doesn’t load…

There is a bug report thread re: sticky bottom row, Ludia are working on fix ASAP. As @Bee said tapping at the very top of tile allows them to move


Same issue…Android

After this latest game update to 1.10.8, bottom row puzzles won’t move easily. I tried on both devices, as well as my clan mates complained about same problem. I have to tap several times on the bottom puzzles to move it and it is happening everywhere, Alpha, Arena, game, any mode. Very annoying and time consuming, as well as when I try to move them, I often accidentally move wrong puzzle. Please fix!

I’m sorry about that, Leyla_Bay. Our team is currently looking into this issue.

You should be able to match the gems by dragging the gem from the top corners instead of from the middle.

That’s what I do, but sometimes the best set of gems requires me to move two bottom ones, and that’s when it gets really frustrating. Thank you for your attention and fast reply!

I’m having this issue as well and I thought I was going crazy imagining things…