Stiffeno's Statement

Ok everyone its been a long time since ive done one of these so its long overdue, but I feel I need to call what I see!

First of all I want to get something out of the way, contrary to what my puppet show says, I do NOT hate the game, I hate what is being DONE to the game!
Also we should not take anything out of forum staff because they are just the riot police here to keep order, just doing their jobs.

Also I know that some here will think that now as I no longer play that I shouldn’t really be taken into account, but what you need to understand is that I played the game for a huge portion of its existence, and I keep up to date with patched and events and so forth daily, so im not just popping into the forums and blindly posting crap (well some isn’t crap anyway lol).

Some may also wonder how someone who isn’t actively battling can comment on battle games and balancing ideas, well as stated above I played long enough to understand how, say, a base attack with no cool down that does everything can negatively effect a match, I understand speedups, move priority, cleanses, distractions so yeah.
Kind like how I said it was a good idea to not let Maxima retain its Definite Rampage, because while I never faced it in a match, Its obvious from a balancing standpoint that a Definite Rampage on an immune dinosaur isn’t balanced, because you cant dodge it, since it nulls! You cant block it since it bypasses armour and you cant distract it coz Maxima is immune! Basically there was NO counterplea the opponent could take to lessen the damage, unless Maxima is killed before it gets it off (but thats not a counter).

Ok the things I wanna touch on -

  1. Stat Boosts
    Deep Breath They need to go! Im sorry and I don’t know how exactly or when, but they need to go. They have caused so much untold (ok not really untold since we rage daily about em) damage to the previous delicate balance of the arena battle system, that the boosts can technically be considered a type of cancer.

How exactly? Ahh im glad you asked mate, anyway shut up for a second and ill explain!

See cancer is something that takes over its host and spreads rapidly, destroying as it goes, this perfectly fits the description of how boosts are infecting the arena.
Now obviously there is no cure for cancer, but thankfully this is a game with code that can be edited, where there is a will there is a way.

In the event of doing the right thing and removing them to increase the games health, there is a KEY thing that must be considered when doing so -

Do NOT do it in a way that will rort the ones who bought boosts, this was one of the many complaints when boosts 2.0 came out, it happened in a way that left players feeling they were ripped of their money.

Next Subject -
2. Silence form the company
This here is one of the 2 reasons that the forums are flooded with the same complaints, because players are thinking they haven’t been heard (the other reason being it remaining unfixed).
A little communication goes a long way, as it has a few benefits -

Firstly it lets the players know they are being heard, this is a good thing!
Secondaly it can be a way for the devs to acknowledge the issue, and give a possible ETA on a fix or its level of priority!

  1. Unilateral bug fixes
    This is a big one for me, as it seems like that only bugs that affect the company income are getting any sort of priority, while things that unilaterally affect players are ignored.
    For instance alliance chat has been broken for 14 months…Why? Like I don’t understand (as an ex programmer) why a company would take so long to fix such an obvious bug. I don’t know if you just don’t know how to fix it, or if the fix is breaking other things causing delays…

Then you have things like the strike tower giving a premium incubator away by mistake, this was patched in 16 minutes O_O, see how profitable things seems to get lightning fast fixes while things that only affect the players remain? It gives the feeling like the company doesn’t care about the quality of its product, and leads us to feel like we are “Payers” and not “Players”.

  1. Macro-Sales
    Ok another issue and I think the reason why Ludia doesn’t profit much considering they have 67 games, is your pricing point! You are focusing on the whales and disregarding the huge base of NON whales! Its better to get $2 each from 1000 players, than it is to get $100 from 2 players!
    More actual MICRO transactions (Micro as in small) would make a sale more appealing.

  2. Paywall or Exclusive creatures
    This can be annoying as hell, players just want to walk outside and dart that new animal, not look at it a zoo!

  3. VIP
    VIP service either needs to be made cheaper, or kept the same price but have things added to make it more appealing. Currently it just doesn’t seem worth it, even more considering who needs extended drone range, when most of the new animals cant be hunted anyway?

Well ok thats all for now, if anything else comes to mind I will post them in the comments below!

And for the record, I would love to see the game made great again!


Oh one other thing, I know some members don’t like me coz how vocal I am with my complaints, but I would argue that a company forum is one of the two most appropriate places to post complaints, the other place being an actual complaints department.


Also they should play the game for once :rofl:


Yeah well ive also wondered exactly how much actual testing goes in during the coding process, because many bugs that make it into the game, show up very easily, so I cant see how they could overlook them, unless they literally wrote the code, clicked compile, and then launched the patch =/.

Alliance chat you don’t even need to do anything for it to much up, so its not like its a bug thats difficult to replicate and thus track down in the code!


And then test creatures and check it’s counter and check if too op for what it is or for the game it’s self

Obviously we are the alpha and beta testers of this game!


I got that feeling also, its like they make changes and push them live, and if something goes wrong then deal with it. As opposed to testing internally, seeing the issue and fixing it BEFORE launch so it doesn’t affect the players gameplay.

Again this leads to the feeling like the player experience doesn’t matter to them. Not saying its actually the case, but its a definite vibe I was getting!

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I’d like to add to point # 3.
We get a little communication, but it’s like ok “ we’re working on it," but how? When? Follow up or behind the scenes communication would go a loonng way.

Good input, sums it up well.


You already saw in the “please Ludia”’ post what an excellent experience this game has become to me for the past few months. I lose more of half of the games due to connection failures without mentioning all the other bugs and the extreme lagging experience.


Sadly… Beta ran better than this. LOL


Agree, death to boosts

Or at least give us a arena that we can play without them besides friendly battles and the odd weekend tourney.

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Very fair and balanced statement. Agree with all of it.


100% agreed, and well said. We need more posts like these that address the issues insteading of attacking the people that work on here and are just doing their job. With that being said I can completely understand why many on here feel the way they feel due to the lack of communication by Ludia and all the boost sales and such. I also agree that the game has gone downhill over time, but I still love it l I just hope things get better overall down the road


They actually do play their own game, if you’ve seen Pokefodder’s video with gamingbeaver visiting ludia headquarters, the video shows some of the devs playing the game lol.


Yeah the devs probably know what needs fixing, they do make the game after all lol, but I’m betting their superiors (in terms of rank anyway) would overrule them and have them focusing on anything that makes them money, basically if it solely affects the players but not the company, its low priority.

Just an observation though!


Lol ya but still does seem like it at all especially with with bugs and the decisions they made these last patches

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This is funny. Both the devs and the OP dun play the game enough to know how the state of the game is.

The bugs to me are due to lack of focus and no sustained programming on the minor bugs.

There is no way Ludia can remove boosts. The FTP wun pay, the casuals dun pay enough, the VIPs and mild payers also cannot sustain their addictions. Whales might support but what do they have to pay for?

Got a summary?
Something like:

  1. Wow, great game. Can’t wait for the next patch!
  2. I understand this is a free game, so I have no right to complain about anything and stuff, but can you tell us anything about the plan to fix certain issues that have been addressed many times? Thanks!

Well soon as someone has spent even 1 cent on the game its no longer free, they are a paying customer (I also fit in that description for a time) so a quality service is to be expected :slight_smile:

@arugono I played MORE than enough and have followed the game continuously to know enough to make observations, thats the best thing about sitting on the fence, you have the best view of both sides.

Obviously though im not gunna comment on exact matchups with dinosaurs ive never used personally, and you will find I don’t comment on those threads, as it wouldnt be valid input.

I can however see how a move set for instance could be unbalanced and what not.

As for the bugs I tend to agree with your statement but up to a point, I think a lot comes down to the devs being told to prioritise things that affect them as opposed to things that affect only the players.

I also disagree that the game only needs whales to survive, a big bulk of midrange spending players can carry a product, and if they had more affordable sales those would sell like hotcakes, which rakes in the money.
Look up the details about the income from Pokemon Go, the bulk of their sales are actually coming from the subscription and the really cheap stuff, because selling THOUSANDS of $2 sales, is gunna make way more money over time, than a few $100 sales here and there.

Also whales don’t stay whales forever, its been shown in other games that they can be very selective in their spending and wont just blindly buy everything regardless of cost. I cant recall the link but I read an article about this.

Also the game made more money in the months before boosts were introduced, than ALL the months since they were added, something like 40 million in 9 months I believe? and now the entire Ludia income is I think I read something like 600k a month over 67 different games.

Just because you personally (or even myself off the top of my head) cant see a way to safely get the boosts out of the game, doesn’t mean its not possible. Anything is possible in a product entirely made by humans, they just have to make the effort.

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Pitch the micro-transactions right and people will pay. I bought the first two level up incubators. As soon as they charged a fiver for the next I stopped. Had they stayed 2 quid I would have bought more than not.

What I will never do is spend 50 quid on a guaranteed 200 DNA of some epic with a few odds and sods thrown in.