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So I currently have enough dna to make stiggy but it’s going to be a lot of gold. Looking at my lineup and gold, is it worth it? I know he’s mid tier, but does he have a role in the meta? I’d have enough to create but not to level up at the moment. Thanks in advance for the advice!


As in Tuoramoloch or level up Styggy?


Or maybe the new unique bird Stygidariex or something :man_shrugging:


Honestly if it involves Styggy it’s probably not worth the coins😂


Yeah sorry stygx. I just went easiest way to spell. So I guess the consensus is he’s not working making?


Yeah I’ll gather DNA but wait for a buff I think before creating either Darwin Unique. Stygidaryx seems good, but so did Alankylosaurus remember her?