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Stigydarix vs alankylosaurus


Which do you think is better? Most people will just say its obviously stigydarix but hear me out
Stigydarix has no damaging moves except for ss. Alankylo has short defense and rampage. Also alankylo can stay shielded for 6 consecutive turns while stigydaryx doesnt. Also i find it weird that stigydarix has insta invinc. What does that do for that dino? Both of its bleed effects are swoops and insta invinc has a delay of 1.also alankylo recieved a buff to its damage. And stigydarix does nothing, legit nothing, to immune enemies. Alankylo is the greatest indominus rex counter ever but stigydarix doesnt do that job. And i am still confused by its moveset i mean why js there an instant invincibility that will never see use


gotta look at the stats. i know itll be quicker then 114 speed


true. it will be faster no doubts but still it does no damage except ss and it does nothing to erlidom/indominus. alankylo doesnt do too god against erlidom either but it completely annihilates i.rex. stigy has weird moves


Stigydaryx moveset

  • Superiority Strike
  • Cleanse and Swoop
  • Lethal Swoop
  • Instants Invincibility
  • Swap in Invincibility

STYGIDARYX boasts a high speed that rivals the Indoraptor’s

so 128 speed then.

as you said, from the movesets it has, It will be useless against Immune creature (and yes, especially Ankylocodon) so its role a bit differ from Alankylosaurus. we don’t know about its all stat yet but I’d assume that It has a role to bleed and survive as long as possible to do the job again.

but actually, that LETHAL SWOOP is kinda deadly against those non-immune creatures, if there were 2-2 and opponent don’t have any Shield breaker left. Stigydaryx can bleed and out then come back again just to watch you die in the safe place.


I’m surprised that it doesn’t have pinning strike. If memory serves every other bird with a bleeding move has pinning.


Tryo and magna completely destroy it too


Alankylosaurus is more of a defense pterosaur because of it’s protections, and stygidaryx is more of a offense pterosaur due to it’s swoops and high speed, they both have the same ammount of attack, alankylosaurus having slightly more health (4200 to be the exact) and (4110 for stygidaryx), alankylosaurus has more armor and both dinos have 5% crit, so since stygidaryx can swoop and do bleed along as switch, we are just gonna pretend she is pinned and the cleansing swoop won’t help and will only cleanse the slowness of alankylosaurus, so since it goes first due to it’s quickness, then it wound probrably go for a cleansing swoop and then alankylosaurus wound probrably either go for a rampage or ss, then after that then the stygidaryx wound go for the lethal swoop and then alankylosaurus wound, after that, then alankylosaurus is basically screwed.


Tbh, I doubt it’s gonna be very useful, because the swap in to the next dino is random at the start of the match, so the next dino you swap into may not be very good matchups. For instance, if you are against thor, which is not an immune dino, if your dino next to stygi is a tank, you are basically dead. In fact, all 3 big chompers are not something safe to swap into unless the dino you are swapping in has stalling moves like instant distraction.

So in my opinion, this dino is very hard to use, it has to be in very specific situations to be good because it relies too heavily on bleed, at least spinotasuchus can do massive amounts of damage even if the opponent is immune.


Agreed. Also i dont know if there is any reason to level up stigydaryx except for the speed tie situations. Level 21 does almost the same damage as a level 30 one since it only does damage. Stigy feels kinda weird to me


Yeah but it looks cool as :wink:


I think I might still go for sino this week, having a higher level rinex or thor is just way better than a fresh out of box darwin hybrid, even if it get buffed next patch. Maybe for newer players there will be more choices.


Yea sino is a great option but dont miss out on erlidom since a fresh made erlidom might be better than one level upgrade to a sino unique. And erlik is so damn hard to find

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Depends on the levels, even with the 9 elirk, I might even not get a lv21 elirdom, but my thor will go up to 27 if I hunt all 9 sinos. If I am still at a stage of creating uniques, I will go for the golden chicken as it’s way easier to dart than sino.


also wayyyy harder to come by since next week we have more sinos