Why do you ALWAYS get guarenteed stigymoloch DNA in an 8 hour incubator… I’ve had 4 in a row… it’s a pointless Dino…

Why can’t it be a mix of other epics too


Hmm…that’s because Stygi is the only exclusive epic class dino in pvp incubators.
That means, you could never see Stygi in the wild.
Due to other epics aren’t exclusive dino for pvp, so Stygi is the only one you’ll exclusively get from every 8h incubators.

And Stygi is a legend hybrid’s ingredient. Also, that hybrid got its own super-hybrid.
So I think a guaranteed source of Stygi is just great.:thinking:


Check incubator details. Stygi dna is guaranteed.


That’s what I’m on about… Why, it’s stupid to get that one pointless Dino in every epic incubator


But he isn’t pointless! :man_shrugging:


Until you unlock the hybrid… the Dino itself is pointless, will never win anything in arena 7 or above


I used him in arena 8 already. It worked well. It’s a „not start dino“ - but good for 2./3./4. position.


Even though you think Stygi is useless itself, but after all, you must need those guaranteed DNA to unlock 2 hybrids.

Unless you are not interest for them.:face_with_raised_eyebrow: (Paramoloch & Tuoramoloch)


Tbh not interested In them. Would of thought it would be better to cycle guaranteed DNA but obviously not


Are you serious? It’s free bonus DNA. Would you prefer to get nothing? You literally got nothing before. Every incubator has exclusive DNA now where before it was random DNA based on rarity. It’s not taking away anything. You still get some other randomepic DNA.


I’m not complaining about free DNA… but the fact it’s always the same Dino is abit pointless… would be better if they cycled it through every available epic, so each incubator you’re guaranteed something different plus your random DNA


You are the guy that created a thread that’s literally called “people are never happy” right? :joy: because we complain about unbalanced dinosaurs. Whereas here we get free stygi DNA as well as other epic DNA. We aren’t getting less non-stygi DNA, just free extra stygi dna, and you complain because it’s not your favorite dinosaur. I prefer other epics too but it’s free and it’s useful for two hybrids. You are not interested in those hybrids, okay but that doesn’t make the dna useless. It’s a gift, take it or ignore it.

I personally think arena exclusives having their own slot is the best thing they could have possibly done :tada::clap:t2:


Not once have I complained or said I’m not happy… I said why is it always the same Dino… learn to read pal


Mate you have some kind of problem if you don’t want stygi’s super hybrids down the road :joy::joy::joy:


“Ive had 4 in a row… it’s a pointless Dino…”

“Why, it’s stupid to get one pointless Dino”

Sounds an awful lot like complaining.


I think the reason is clear. Because Stygi is the exclusive dino.

If you’ve noticed, extra guaranteed DNA from 3h will only give you Stegi gen2, Irrit gen2, or Galli (if you can unlock).
Also, 15m extra guaranteed only for Baryo gen2, Procerato, Irrit & Purru.

So, Stygi is the only exclusive epic for pvp, that’s why you’ll always get her from 8h incubators.
If they add another exclusive epic only allowed to collect DNA from pvp incubators, then will become randomly give you Stygi or that epic, this is how new mechanism works.


And there is the answer I wanted… thanks mate, that makes sense


that was the first answer you got that you still complained on and on about anyway.


Didn’t see the top answer :+1: only the one underneath that I replied to :wave:


Belive me, stygimoloch is a good dinosaur, in the last few battles I got defeated by, at least, 4 stygimolochs