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Stike incubators not re distributing to a new location

These would normally move around previously. When on a 1 day 2day. Still in lock down can’t get to incubators and they are not moving either. Very unfair.

Hello, Helen_Sansome. I’m sorry that you’re not able to reach a strike tower/incubator because of the lockdown. Unfortunately, we do not have control over the spawn points of strike towers. Hopefully there will be one that will spawn close to your location soon enough. Thank you for understanding!

What he means is, that during the covid measures from ludia, the towers would be redistributed when the new ones came. Now once they spawn they are on the same place during their lifetime. And THAT Ludia can control.

Strike towers really never changed places, we just happened to get extra ones that had 12h timer on them and now we don’t have them anymore.

On the 24 hr one they used to change location after 12 hours