Still buggy as ever

So Ludia, you make us wait months between updates for bug fixes, as if fixing problems with your game is something we should get as a bonus when you feel like it rather than as actual fixes when we need them, and then you have the nerve to not even FIX the majority of your issues when you do update anyway. Doubtless this is why the ‘bug fixes’ section of the update notes was so vague, because you had no intention of actually fixing any of the real bugs. As it is the damage and speed indicators are still wrong, dinos still spawn inside of strike events and are inaccessible especially now the strike arena loads on the map BEFORE the dinosaurs do, and of course the biggest one; arena battles loading for one player but not another. These are not minor errors on the text of attacks, these are MAJOR issues with this game, and not only do you make us wait for you to decide when we deserve these much needed fixes, but you dont even bother to provide said fixes. Nice.