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Still can't get on game

Please help me my matches are waiting I can’t respond to them :weary::persevere::unamused:


I seem to have this problem too this afternoon. I want to collect my 6-hour free gems but it says “Network Error, please try again”

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It’s frustrating when you can’t get on hoping that we be able to get back on sooon

I’m having the same issue. Very frustrating :confused:

Yes it is I’m hoping that this will resolve for us all not good at all when we cannot get on

Yeah I’m getting the same error, I’m new to the game but have become addicted XD, I just got to a really good part with Damien Jones and I NEED to know what happens but I cannot get on

I think this may have to do with the event as well since it’s stop exactly at the time the event started

Ugh the L1-5 error AGAIN!!!

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Yes I believe that it could be to do with that however they need to get resolved for everyone it trys to go in then stop they are going to have to do something about this or lots of people are going to be upset

Still getting that ugh please help us out so we can all get back to injoy the game

I’m having the same issue, both on iOs and Android. Hope it will be fixed soon!

Same. Im getting the same error code.

Yeah same here, good to know it isn’t just my app!

I am having the same issue

I hope this is not going to be having trouble all day not to get on

Any luck hope you can get on soon I’m still have it not to let in hope it will be back up running soon so we can get back to are storeys

Ugh any luck yet I’m still waiting for it be fixed any one else still have problems to get on

So apparently the error is back again :roll_eyes:

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I was on the app 6 hours ago and it was fine. Then I opened the app to collect my free gems and this exact error message came up. When will it be fixed?:sob:
I want to try and match with the seasonal Christmas character, he is really cute.

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I’m having the same issue. Game worked fine 6 hours ago and now suddenly I can’t get on.
:sob:I’m really sad cos I want to match with new christmas one he is really cute