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Still can't redownload game on S20

Has anyone got any update on how to redownload the game onto a Samsung galaxy s20 (ultra) after the software update at the end of December? I’ve not been able to play, I’ve missed lots of great DNA, I’ve been kicked out of my alliance, and if nothing else I miss just playing the game.

Doesn’t download, tried clearing cache and data from app store etc, nothing on game launcher, I’m out of ideas and I want to play my favourite game again.

Hi there SHAVEMYWIFE. I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble playing the game.

Could you please email our team at with as much information as possible if you haven’t done that already? They’ll be happy to investigate.

Thank you!

I have, they tried a few things which didn’t work, and then said they’d keep thinking, I then asked for an update and the query was closed. I’ve emailed again since with no luck, I’m so annoyed I just want to play! :cold_sweat:

Hey SHAVEMYWIFE, if you have the Galaxy Store app installed on your device, could you please try going into your device’s app Settings and “Force Stop” the Galaxy Store app? After doing that, please go into the Google Play store and try installing the game again.

Just tried it, still no change. I’ve tried clearing the cache on the play store too which made no difference either.
Thank you for trying

Hi, after 2 months I’ve managed to get this game back on my phone, after trying DAILY to fix it, after samsungs update on 17th December removed it. I missed out on a lot of rewards and DNA since then, mainly Xmas and new year events, I was kicked out of my alliance for inactivity and I’m behind from dna and boosts etc. I’ve played this game since day one, and I’m just wondering if there’s any rewards or anything you can send to my account to make up for the downtime?

Bit of a longshot I know, but its taken me a tremendous amount of effort to be able to play the game I’ve put a lot of time into for the last few years