Still don’t get this speed


. This Dino had 117 speed took out my Stegosaurus so after he die I put in my top speed Raptor with 132 speed but still let lower speed go first??? HOW DO I ALWAYS GET SECOND MOVE???


I think the mon has the Slowing Impact move.
Opponents are 50% slower for 3 turns.

I don’t have one. Maybe someone that has could confirm… :blush:


He has instant charge. Goes before anything despite speeds including speed ups and decelerators


If they had used a decelerator then it would have been cancelled with next dinos. He doesn’t have it anyway


Sinoceratops has 116 speed. It has no slow down or speed up moves. All moves can stun. VRaptor getting hit first looks like the third move instant charge.


Sinoceratops has instant charge.


Yeah, obviously Instant Charge … pretty OP move. lol


Insta-Charge is the “Day officially wrecked” of cheap moves. Basically the same as the infamous “Kobra Kai Leg Sweep”.

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