Still enjoying the game

This game is still a good game. Just completed Shimmersky valley and the new Wolves , White Dragons and Frost giants look great and bring new challenges. I hope there will be another explore adventure soon. Would love a beholder as a boss … hint hint Devs.
Raid/Rally are mega fun in a guild trying to get the most rooms or try beating Lit Up (gotta admit , too hard)
Feel the rewards are still good for gameplay time and if you put the effort in you can easily win all the gems and gear you need.
People say they don’t like PVP or it’s not fair but the game balances it out over a full month season and if you only have 10k power or lvl 10 guys you can’t expect to come above guys with more power and levels. I lose often but it makes me want to try more and every win is rewarded with a chest etc… I still enjoy it. I got 7500 trophies last month but having Jakkerante blow my team away is what I would expect.
This forum is pretty dead which is a shame but this game still is good fun and has legs if the moderators would just big it up more and give info on upcoming events or someone just to get people motivated more.

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Still enjoying it too, even if I’ve reduced playing somewhat – I gave up going for League of Dragons, I don’t see it worth the effort.

There’s one single improvement that would improve enjoyment of the game greatly – performance improvement. Reducing loading times and game making constant slow connections to server. I guess every game today is bloated with libraries and there’s been made some fundamentally bad choices during early development, so this probably is wishful thinking.

But I don’t think I’ve seen any other mobile game having this much waiting time (well except for ads, which we thankfully see very little, and only relevant ones!). The waiting time is especially true for pvp, where rewards are also smaller.

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Thanks for the shout out to Lit Up. It means a lot. We were the guys and gals trying to keep up with (or beat) the big leaguers like Arcane Knights when I joined the team almost two years ago! We were 30 members strong, always doing 75 rally rooms to bank 15 keys so that we could take a shot at the big guys when it was raid time. We’ve grown quite a bit since then and still having fun! Glad to hear others are as well!

Don’t give up on it. It will just happen over time. I finally did it three months ago without driving myself crazy. Around the time when my hero teams started to hit about 20k in strength. Lots of donation requests filled to get my equipped commons and rares increasing in level.