Still Freezing trying to Change gear

Anytime you go to switch 1 piece gear from PvP to PvE setups game Freezes. Have Uninstalled and reinstalled and the freeze doesn’t go away immediately but it does go away eventually but only for a short time. Have done this 3 times. It’s super clunky to have to close and re open app multiple times and fight through the starting app pop ups to experiment with gear setups for the Rally.

Please fix A.s.a.p.

same happened to me off and on yesterday and today. Maybe they will give a few gems as compensation? :wink:

Hey there, @Blazenkks and @Hoosier. Could you please make sure that your game has been updated to the latest version? If you go into your app store, you’ll be able to check for new updates for the game.

If your game is on the latest version and you are still having this issue, do not hesitate to email our support team here at and our team can take a closer look. Please include your support key in the email as well.


Thanks for the tip. I updated the app, will see how it goes.