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Still getting impossible tasks

As you can see on the screenshot, i am still getting impossible tasks, i have less then 10 dragons that can collect iron, and the tasks i have currently are upgrading the meade hall, completing 2 foreverwing collections, completing 6 collections, and training a smokebreath to lvl 48 and collecting 1.5m fish with it, it would take a lot more than a week to complete a task and it’s definitely impossible to complete two of them in that timespan.


You know, I think that the players can influence this. The developers make money by selling ad time. That is the reason watching a video/ad is always on the daily tasking list, and watching 8 is always on the weekly task list. Speaking for myself, that is pretty much always the last task I complete. So when I get an impossible task, then I don’t watch a video, and developers don’t sell an ad. However, when I get a set of tasks that I can complete, then I do watch a video and the developers can make some coin based on my support. It’s kind a: you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch your back scenario, but I prefer to think of it more as a win-win scenario. If we all watch the daily video only after all tasks are complete, then that would incentivize the developers to consistently give us a set of tasks that are possible.

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