Still huge arena gap ...1228 trophies

I am desperately trying to get back to the aviary … I got matched with a team 5625 trophies … I am not even back to 4400 trophies. After that 5500+ trophies. There are people in my alliance who teams I would crush that have more trophies than I do simply because of this new algorithm that keeps matching me with monster team half the time. I just don’t understand what the incentive is to keep lvling your team if Ludia just keeps moving the bar on you. My team used to be good enough to be around 5k lvl of trophies now I cant even get back to the aviary.


Preaching to the choir. This new algorithm has thrown trophies in the trash. I should easily be Aviary and im still fighting around 4300-4400 against people with 5k.


its so annoying because there is clearly something wrong and a lot of people are complaining about it but they aren’t addressing it.

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I know your frustration. I was in the top 500 before this arena algorithm and im now out of it at 47xx trophies. Im stuck. I have a 28.5 team level and see many team levels at 23-26 that are top 250 even top 100. Simply not fair.

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There’s even a f2p guy on reddit bragging about his top 100 team around 5500 trophies. He posted levels and his team is all 24-27, and im assuming minimal boosts due to the f2p aspect. There is just no way he should be there. I realize trophies match closer up that high and team power is less of a thing, which might be one of the reasons those people stay up there.


I saw that post and didn’t know how to respond to it.
But honestly?
Good for him.
Let him enjoy it till match making is fixed.
I know a lot of top 500 peeps just waiting to get back once it is.

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I made the mistake of leveling Thor to a 29 and that was costly. Figured what the heck and leveled Tryko to a 27. What’s the worse that could happen? I found out :rofl: