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Still in Aviary… help

Please give me suggestions on my team. I am going for Phororex thing soon maybe a week

Testa for the meta and maybe replace hadros lux because it doesn’t do that well after nerf

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Work on Spinoconstrictor. Try working on your skoona to replace maxima. Otherwise, looks great! Maybe try testa once she gets to level 23-24


Thanks guys! I hope I can get to 5k soon!

Im not sure how ur still in aviary with that team


I am almost lockwood with only an indoraptor lol


The Aviary is tough, but I wouldn’t be too excited to get to the library. You’ll face just straight level 30s and high level Apexes once you get to the library with the occasional 27-30s teams. It’s tough, but if you keep working on your team and keep battling, you’ll make it. The seasonal rewards are better the higher you get so hopefully you can progress this season since we get woolly rhino. One creature I think you’ll definitely want to replace is Ardentis. Grypo and SpinoCon are surely better options, but I realize that boosts are a thing, so maybe once (if) we get another shuffle.


Oh, and yeah, Lux took a hit, so i’d replace that with Testa some day if you can get it a little higher and boost it, but it’s probably alright on your team now. It’s still pretty strong on your team since it’s at 26, but your team is certainly decent as is. You just need to get everyone up a few levels and boost them more and you’ll be climbing inevitably


No worries! You’ll get there! I made it to Library with 26 spyx, 27 tenrex, 23 skoona, 26 thor, 26 mortem, 27 cera, 27 hadros, and 24 scorpios gen 3. And now, skoona, hadros, and cera have been upgraded and I’m hanging on in Library


Thank you all :pray:

same here im 3700 trophies with 2 unique and the rest of my team is level 20

3700 way different than 4000 pal

Im like 3900 with 1 unique and and lvl 16-20 legendaries :+1:

I must’ve been in library for 2 years, possibly more! That’s despite playing for 90 minutes a day.

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Once you get to aviary you’ll see…
I just recently got out of it with a team average level of 24-25 and now I’m too scared to battle in case I drop back down and never come back up again :joy: :sweat_smile:

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Same here @Sierra-Hotel at least 2 years!

Ah well, it’s just a number so what can you do?

same here i have 2 uniques though

Which 2?
10 words

Indoraptor and the dracocerotops hybrid. Im also working on orion and srg3.

Im working on thor