Still laggy

I play on on android. 2gb RAM. Yes, the extreme lag with the cenozoics has improved since 1.7, but overall still bad. If I want to play at all I have to free up RAM before logging in. Over time I start getting lag again that makes the game unplayable. I know you’re not supposed to have to free up RAM on Android, but I do. Frustrated. Be nice, I’m old and not tech savvy. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Hey Rachel_Rogers, I’m sorry to hear that you’re still having lag issues. If you have any background apps running while playing the game, try closing them as that will free up some extra RAM as well.

I have done that. Always do that. It doesn’t help. I mean, when I do it it’s helpful for a brief time, unless I’m battling a smilodon. Instant lag. Many times in battle I don’t even get the little circles to choose a move.

If you haven’t already, could you send your device information along with your support key over to our support team at Our team would be happy to investigate this further. Thanks!

I have a Samsung 1G device and it’s impossible to use JWA but I can play Pokémon go fine. Weird how some games just use more space or cache. Considering your system uses a bit of that devoted Ram on device . I also have a S2 tablet 2G and any game works amazing on it. Try flushing/clearing you cache . iOS I use it a lot -hold power button and then home. Works amazing frees up almost .5 GB. Android not sure but either dev options or perhaps buttons same as iPhone try google.

Once you open JWA clear it then it will refresh. Or you can do prior to opening depending on how your clearing cache. Background apps chew it up

Do remember holding power then home on your device could cold/hard reset it ! Not sure lol

So make sure you know the method prior. This is just how I do it on iPhone 6Splus

I messaged Friday afternoon. No response yet.

Hey Rachel, I’m sorry you haven’t gotten your response yet. Can I ask you to give our support team a little bit more time to get back to you and at the same time, could you refrain from updating your ticket? In that way, it will maintain its position in the queue!