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Still looking for an answer on pvp

I lose 100% of the time no matter what team I have when:

Pushed to back row
Not able to move for three full turns
Not able to attack for three full turns

Tank moves up and is healed or regen every turn.
I basically burn to death…or kill myself if I attack

I really am looking for advice on if this is really unbeatable or it is just me doing something wrong?

Hey Lee_Maker, I’m not really sure how far you are in the game, but this thread here really helped me improve my PVP team: Item rank vs rarety

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OOO, Thanks!

I took a good look and I have not been using combos. Great thread and advice. Gonna switch up and see what happens,

I’m glad to hear it! I was guilty of using the “best/rarest” gear in PVP before, but I think the best strategy is to mix and match different pieces to synergize with their effects.

Sometimes, even Common/Rare rarity gears provide a better advantage in the Arena. :smiley:

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Follow up – More commons = More healing…Ring of Long Life, Burst of Health. Restore…Quaff

Bard and Cleric Healing each turn. Piece of cake!!

Well I eventually lost but I did NOT die in the fire. Managed to move out and make a battle out of it.

*I still think wait a few more rounds to start the fire. :slight_smile: