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Still looking for an answer


Three zones away
Three shots

What gear is this??? Anyone? Bueller??? :slight_smile:

I have never really paid attention to how things really work together but could it be this combo?

The teeth gives you three zones
The bracers gives you fury which makes it two shots for your initial attack
The skirt gives you one more attack

I think I love you.


EDIT: No injure. :frowning: Demoted to I think I LIKE you. :slight_smile:

You were imagining it

the only thing with injure is rare great bow

So either got 2 shots with that with fury and injure from 2 zones

Or got 3 shots from 2 zones with the quiver but no injure

Or got 2 shots from 3 zones but no injure with epic or legendary and fury as both of these can do AOE could work out to 3 shots Eg 2 on row x 2 AOE with 1 miss

By when you move it’s end of turn so don’t see how skirt helps

Hmmmm, I am getting old so I will take that under advisement and look more carefully. :slight_smile:



Jarlaxie can add injure at start of his turn,

Warlock or bard may have landed an injure you didn’t notice too

Crap you are right I didn’t see that… I also didn’t see the injure part

Hmm how about this

If you have fury it gives two normal attack and the if it conjures a volley it makes a third attack? Still no injure though

Now again

Doesn’t the AOE replace the single shot?

75% chance that you get the AOE on place of the single shot?

Maybe not - never thought about that

I am not sure if it replaces it or not. I would assume it is in addition but most definitely could be wrong.

Ok just tested in game and you are correct it replaces the original shot and is not in addition to it

Lee… is it possible what you saw was a counterattck followed immediately by a regular double attack? Were you playing a human or a bot?

yes counter attack followed immediately with fury with broad bow = injure plus 3 hits

Of course since I asked has not happened again…but also another good possibility – Thanks