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Still miragaia season?

I know I have seen several threads discussing the initial disinterest and lack of need for this arena season. I haven’t seen anything about it in the last week with all the excitement of 1.9 and I still feel like it should be kept in the forefront here. Even as a non-top average player, I have no need for him. I started less than half a year ago, am free to play and still have 20+ thousand dna of his with nothing to use it on. Is Ludia really not planning on changing that? Are players okay with it? The reward needs to be more useful for all players and inspire people to want to increase medals. Please change the reward Ludia.


Im convinced this season is a marketing experiment… they want to look at the last three seasons and see if better rewards mean more spending… they had the average dna in pyro, the good dna in anky, and now we have the unquestionably bad dna season.

If boost sales remain similar to the past two seasons, Ludia will most likely feel more comfortable giving us junk dna for seasons…


Well at least I’m not contributing haven’t purchased any boosts in weeks, I save my collected hc for scents. And I really don’t care about a miragia reward, so sometimes I mess around and trophy drop for fun lol. At least some rare dna would be good. I’d take some rare season reward, common like miragia is garbage.

My initial thought was maybe they were trying to just even out how much great epic dna they give away. So like I said rare dna reward is better than this.


I feel like rare dna of certain exclusives would be much more desirable then most epics…i dont understand why new dna isnt used in seasons… new hybrid components or new base dinos is something that would appeal to all players new and old.

Of all the times to feature blue dna… this is literally the season that makes the most sense from hyping your newly created hybrids… and Ludia is like lets do miragaia.


I don’t like the reward, but at least I don’t have to pay anything to get it anyway. I wish it were Kaprosuchus though. I like to hoard that so much and use it on my monster Kapro. And other players probably have a lot more use for Kapro DNA than Miragaia (whose bottleneck is Dsungaripterus that for some reason even lost its texture until the Android small update).

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I agree there are several rares I would take over this. There are even some commons I wouldn’t mind getting but this one is everywhere. It’s in 50% of the arena incubators I open and constantly in the 6 hr incubator. I really thought they were going to change it with the update. It’s sad if it’s truly an experiment for monetary purposes because I hate seeing the communities wallets be abused and people’s hard work in arena to go to waste. I had reached my highest ever point this month and if this is my reward I’ll be quite disappointed.

Boy I find some irony in this. Here’s my 8 hr arena incubator and my free 6 hr incubator just today as I opened my game