Still no boost tokens this AC even it's five weeks. So will there be no tokens in the future at all?

Or just a small carrot dangling there that you can never reach?

Feel so duped.

Please communicate with us:
What’s the frequency of the token distribution?!! Will they ever be distributed again?


I’d rather they fix the lag and bugs for everyone. Then focus on content and things the players want.

Main focus should be to fix the lag/crashes.


The boost issue has lasted for a year now, and there are always new bugs. With so many dinos becoming obsolete due to all the changes, we really want to know when they will give us tokens.

They were always going to be sporadic, and rightly so.

I am just afraid they are just not going to give any again.

Maybe everyone will get a surprise on Dominion release or something.

Boost resets went on once a year.
They seem to be doing the same for tokens…only that tokens allow you to reset just one (one portion of a) creature instead of your whole team as a boost reset would…