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Still no daily packs

I still am not getting the daily packs, anyone else have this problem?


yeah me too


Yes, I believe they said they’re hoping for a fix by next week.


This is getting old.

So next week means starting from next Monday, right?

That is weird, it doesn`t happen to me

Are you talking about the tournament?

No, about the fix of the bug with the missing Daily Missions pack

I get a VIP pack for some reason, so does that get fixed on Monday?

Yes, I heard they said they are going to fix it by next week, but I am not sure when did they say that, so I am confused if they are going to fix it by this or next week?

Do you get the Daily Missions Pack (the pack you get when you finish all daily missions) or the free pack you get for free after some hours?

The VIP daily missions pack for now

We are still working on a fix, our goal is still to get it out by the end of the week.
Currently, the bug is only on update 53, so if you have not updated you will not have the bug, but you will also not have your choice of S-DNA since that was also included in update 53.