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Still no Turtle sightings

Starting to wonder why Ludia hates zone 3 so much. Why is zone 3 being treated like a lost unwanted stepchild? I have been all over the city of Gainesville, Florida and still no turtle. I have been on every bus route daily and still no Turtle. I even popped an Epic scent last night and all I got was a stinking Monoloph as an epic. The rest were commons which was not limited to several Diplocaulus. Why Ludia? Why do you truly hate zone 3? All we ask is for some Turtles so we can dart, get their DNA, and hopefully get the legendary and unique hybrid. Is that too much to ask Ludia?

I saw a turtle in zone 3 today around lunch time.

I live in zone 3 and I haven’t seen any in the wild at all. Maybe because it is the current daily reward for the month, it’s being a bit more restricted on the map?

It’s multiple things…

  1. it’s an epic so extremely rare.
  2. it’s technically a park spawn, so only showing up in the expanded regions that park spawns are showing up. If you don’t see other park spawns around you, you won’t see it.
  3. it’s hybrid pursuit ended yesterday, so the “increased” spawn rate has gone back down.

Google Maps hates my town. We have two large parks but they are just blank spaces on google maps, as thus so on JWA. The only parks we get are tiny children’s play areas where nothing ever spawns (not to mention hanging around there with your phone out draws weird looks from parents).

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When you are out and about, look for areas that the crocs and lythronax are spawning. That’s where you will find the turtle. You’ll need to cover a lot of ground because most of them are prox spawns (only appear when you are close enough that they would be inside your inner radar circle).

Do you live near parks or aquariums? I do not live near either of them.

Never really thought of that possibility.

Yeah same here. There are no parks near me or even in the city that I am in in general.

I’m pretty much yards away from a park and have seen the turtle 4 time over the last 8 weeks! I travel daily through a city centre and I’d say I get 90% commons!

No aquarium within 100 miles.

You don’t need to see green in the game. Just look for park spawns on the normal map and hunt in those areas.

Also, stick to the roads/paths in the game. Do not wander out into big open areas without drops. Almost all the dinos are within a small radius of the pathways. You won’t find anything if you sit still. You have to be moving along the paths.

It can take a while, but they are out there.

Again, if you don’t see crocs and lythronax around, you won’t find the turtle, and it doesn’t have to be green space. If you don’t see those crocs and lythronax, go to another part of town. Your best bet is a slow moving vehicle (as a passenger of course).

Finally, if you really want to find turtles, stop darting everything else. You may miss the turtles while darting other dinos.

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@SicilianBeast hey what part of Gainesville Florida r u at… I’m currently visiting my parents in Gainesville Florida as well and have found tons of turtles popping up

I live in Zone 3 too. The last time I saw a turtle in the wild in zone 3 was the first day of the 1.10 update. I found 2, but none since. The only other zone I found a turtle in the wild was Zone 2. That one I have no idea why it spawned because it was neither a park or an aquarium. :woman_shrugging: All other turtles that I have found have been through the hybrid pursuit. I found a total of 5 last week, which was amazing. I was only expecting to find 1.

I know where that is I’m not too far from you myself…

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I got a lot of Turtles at Citizens Field off of Waldo Rd

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I thought the turtle was locked to parks besides last week as the hybrid pursuit?

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Thought the same thing.

It took me three hours of driving from Mojave to San Diego to see one turtle :turtle: 1!

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Well that is dedication. Lol