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Still no update on the last skill tournament rewards

As of now I didn’t find any new information about the rewards getting taken back or partial rewards been given. So does this mean that whoever got 30k green and so on are gonna keep them . Well if yes then I guess it’s like a kind of telling yes to cheating. If I have missed something and it has been revoked , please let me know

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No nothing but silence

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remember this is a company that let spoofers keep their tournament winnings for like 7 straight seasons. lying right to our faces each time saying “cheaters have been removed from the leader board”. but not until recently did they actually ban the people the said they had.

this isn’t really a ban-wave situation, but the tournament does need to be voided.


Ludia’s take on the current situation is “Cheaters prosper”.

Has been since before the release, there were probably more cheaters here than legit players (maybe still is that way) at release. it was well known in cheater circles that there were absolutely zero counter measures to spoofing (and there still aren’t any).


Also the dude at number one had like 15k medals. Plainly obvious he cheated his ass off like most of the top 25


There is an old quote

“Money talks … Walks”

It was coined by a corrupt man who was in the process of a bribe.

If you cheat and you’ve given enough money your safe. If you haven’t then your not.

Two worlds

“I rich man goes to college … A poor man goes to work… A poor girls wants to marry a rich one wants to flirt”

@J.C how’s it going over there? Any information you can share with us?

All I can say is that there is progress but no final decisions.


Hopefully it’s the right decisions but thanks for letting us all know.

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Cool good to know. We’ll keep waiting

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