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Still no warnings before doing maintenance


Thanks Ludia. I guess I can kiss that scent I was running goodbye.

What 's this maintenance about?
Now that’s you, ludia!

Is it big update or just for bugs?


That‘s what I‘m wondering.
But why do they never give any information about it…


I was mid-battle, I’m going to be pretty mad if I lose trophies over this


Stupid ludia


They gave me an anky this morning as a compensation.


Just finished a rare… a warning would be nice. I emailed them when I had issues awhile back and they were good about reimbursing me. Worth a try :slightly_smiling_face:


No one knows…


Simply not good enough. What kind of game company does maintance without telling anyone. Not happy.

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Was just about to drop a bomb after I darted a rare I never see. Missed the dinos but thank God I didn’t drop the scent.


Oh, come on.

You’ll all be happy when it’s revealed to be 1.6 and they fixed all the bugs, give us alliance tools, ban cheaters, and increase spawns and the diversity of creatures.



But why would it be 1.6 now?

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Because Ludiasaurus logic :thinking:

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Didn’t they drop 1.5 in the middle of a tournament?

I think they did.


But I need to win a battle and get an incubator going… Whaa… Just kidding. It’s a game guys. :smiley:


Game is back. No change




You won’t. It happened to me during the last small maintenance, and I didn’t lose or gain any.


Yep, game is back. Can’t tell what changed. Must have been something minor.


always throwing pieces of crap to us,
never let some epics spawn,
and now,
Unscheduled Maintenance?

really nice going, you ludia people.