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Still not a fan of Hatch / Level 15

Just, ya know, putting this out there again.

It was implemented in the last update in the interest of balanced duties for Arena, and I was hoping that it would be way obvious today with the new features that it just had to be done.

And yet…

On a day like today when there’s so many new things to do and see - Arena stuff! New species! Red dragon brawl! Catch up on Alpha! - I STILL had to spin my wheels (read: waste my time) in 9 repeatable egg quests to get enough eggs for Hatch 15.

Please, oh please, oh please consider rolling it back to 10, or at least reducing to 12. It’s killin me, y’all.

This has been my TED talk. Thanks for coming.


It was bad when it was at 10, this update offered no insight to why they thought this was needed and good luck getting a straight answer from them. We did get some insight to their idea of “balance” with arena so I guess that part makes sense.

We did get some I sight when they came on and said there was no reason to make the duties harder with the chest timer. Not sure why that didnt cause a change back

No Nothing

People gave up on the game or on the issue itself and it died down.

Gain 15+Hatch 15 in tandem is madness. Worse is when it happens Gain 15 + Train 1 + Gain 15 + Hatch 15 + Gain 15 + Hatch Green + Gain 15

New duty of buying from Arena store too is madness, Arena is quite costly, So two duties are just not possible to re-rolled in a given day.

Out of Fish , Eggs and Scales.

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I save my arena points for when I get the duty. Same with free drafts, I save for hiccup

The hours and sometimes days of the process can sometimes be even more anxiety-provoking, and there’s certainly a lot that can still go wrong.

The one from hiccup i imedialtly reroll. Because cant beat anything in arena the arena Duty is also worthless. The defense team who i set up Against are always wat stronger.

The egg Quest and train are impossible to do to. Specialy when i finally achieve one i get another!

Arena is a great but not balanced feature at the moment. The game did kinds go downhill for me with IT.

Hoped to see the logic of the quests change. But now i only see more that IT is about p2w and not the fun anymore.