Still playing and enjoying this game

G’day all. Just thought I’d place a little counter balance to much of the commentary I see in these forums.
I’ve been playing for a year and I’m still enjoying this game. It has helped get me out and about and walking my own neighbourhood more. My step count is up month on month as result. It’s lightened up my commute and my kids love creating the new Dino’s when I eventually get the DNA needed to create them. I had one big tech hiccup a few months ago and Ludia sorted it all for me in a timely manner. I was a vip for the first few months then I’ve trimmed back to FTP once I hit level 20. All in all this is great game that is fun to play and I enjoy those times when I am walking around my suburb, along the beachfront, or in the local nature reserve listening to podcasts as I dart and battle.
I don’t understand the vitriol, negativity, sense of entitlement that many express on these forums. It’s a game people. A little perspective goes a long way.
The only request I have of Ludia is that I would love the Australian dino Astralovenator added to the deck. Think of a bigger/faster raptor from down under with foot long claws out front!
Enjoy your play. I am.


cool. i didnt know we could exercise!! i usually sit im my car at parks watching people jog while i eat my hoagie and get dna lol. I enjoy the game in general. still very enthusiastic.


You must not battle often…


battling is still about how good your team is. and your decisions.

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Exactly, just like this


I beg to differ, I lost to a guy who used a strike to try and finish off my dinosaur in a 2-2 situation when he never considered that I had a final dinosaur I would probably swap to.

Dude’s Erlidom was so boosted that of course it didn’t matter. I’ve lost to absolute idiots because they’re overleveled and boosted way more than I’ve been able to punish them for their stupidity.


you cant choose one instance to prove your arguement and guess what, that was his decision to boost it. you could’ve done the same or went with a counter. or boosted a draco to teir 8.

I keep the perspective this is just a game. I spent 3 hours grinding stegasaurus’s again this Saturday out on my bike. I leveled my Stegodeus… mega hit points now. and then leveled my Stegoceratops and now working on Stegodeus again. Once I level and boost its hit points again, I should be over 8K!. That is meant to psyche out my opponents when I pull that as my 3rd creature. I don’t use it as a starter because of bleeders that are generally starters, so it’s a good 3rd or swap-in 4th.

I’m still having fun with the game. Battles have been even-Steven although I chant “bot… bot… bot…bot” with the countdown and when I get a real player at less than 5 seconds, it’s like “Darn, a real player.”


you have no right to call anyone an idiot. that strike wouldve meant first go at your other dino if you swapped. but knowing that that min strike is so boosted he felt covered. i dont know the exact situation but mind games come to play.

bots to fill, balls to get trophies :joy: those deus rampage are sneaky damage!!

You’re missing the point, and I can see you aren’t really listening to the argument I’m making - which is that skill isn’t as much of a factor in the higher arenas that it is in the lower…

I shot up ranks incredibly quickly with underleveled teams because I paid attention to cooldowns, I predicted swaps correctly, I played to a win condition that might’ve required setup at the cost of a sacrifice.

And after all this I can tell you that I lose to bad players way more than I lose to good ones. In higher arenas you encounter Cloak, Evasive Stance, 40% Crit Chance and Swap-In DSRs.

Is he going to dodge my Erlidom’s attacks twice and take me out with a Rampage while on a sliver of health?

Is his Thoradolosaur going to crit through my Cloak?

Is his last dinosaur a Dracoceratops that’s been boosted to swap in for 4000 damage to win the game?

These kinds of things involve little to no counterplay, it’s a roll of the dice. That is why I generally dislike Arena right now and why the forums are full of negativity as a result of Ludia’s negligence in fixing the problem. That is why I say that he must be enjoying the game because he is not battling this mess.


Every day Bryce. Just don’t pin my identity on it! Also just decided not to play last tournament. Regular battles enough for me.

nothing changes.

I wrote out a very long and well-thought out reply but it got moderated because these forums are garbage. Just wanted you to know.

whats your team?

This isn’t a ME and MY TEAM problem. This is a Dodge, Dracoceratops, 40% Crit, BoostedSoItDoesntReallyMatterWhatItStartedOutas Problem.

For example, I just played 2 matches, both of which had a Dracoceratops boosted to do over 3000 while having over 4000 health. I almost just lost to this one guy because his Erlidom was slower and Dodged twice.

RNG is the problem with this game in the upper arenas. I mention in my long reply I shot up arenas quickly because I understood game mechanics. That understanding means very little if I’m facing a Thoradolosaur that’s boosted to outspeed my entire team.


i asked about your team because of what you said about your progress. and every thing ive said applies… you just dont belong there…

it could be that your draco alone got your mediocre boosted team there…

And Slog comes in with the negativity and Draco talk. That’s the stuff that I find saddening. Everyone has access to Draco and can use it. It’s not as if it’s limited to a tiny minority’s of players. Use it or not. The rng roles with you sometimes and others not. But the constant bleeting of ‘injustice’ are overegged.

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I just lost another match. How did I lose it? Because my 75% stun missed.

I almost lost the match before that. How did that happen? Because their slower Erlidominus dodged twice and I had to finish it off with another dinosaur that could tank an Erlidom Rampage.

I almost lost the match I just played while typing this. How did that happen? Because they had a Dracoceratops swap-in with a boosted 3000 damage.

The pattern here is I’m not losing/almost losing because my opponent is outplaying me. It is directly a result of a dice roll to which there is no counterplay. That is simply not fun for a majority of players. Do I dodge? Do they dodge? Do they have a Dracoceraops about to swap-in?

Seriously how are you this dense that you consider this complaints of a whiney community when the majority agrees that 1.7 sucks.


because i dont focus on what you do. im not the sheep. i deal with what i deal with also and honestly my team decisions could change certain outcomes. the difference is you choose to cry. you think you are better…