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Still possible way to get Alloraptor

Because, you Ludia already used Cornoraptor, there are alternative ways for Alloraptor adding to the game

  1. Allosaurus gen 2 (Correct Allosaurus model!)
    Tournament legendary
    Level 40 stats:
    HP: 2740
    Coin: 178 360/6h

  2. Utahraptor gen 2/Deinonychus
    Tournament legendary
    Level 40 stats:
    HP: 1977
    Coin: 154 240/6h

Allosaurus g2 + Utharaptorg2/Deinonychus = Alloraptor legendary hybrid
Hybrid legendary
Level 40 stats:
HP: 10920
Att: 3140
Coin: 838 720/8h

Utahraptor SDNA + Allonogmius level 40 = Alloraptor legendary super hybrid
Super Hybrid legendary
Level 40 stats:
HP: 12 570
Att: 4 243
Coin: 1 020 415/10h


I like these ideas, but what if instead of utahraptor, they used Allosaurus Gen 2 and Deinoychus. The utah sdna would work as well.


Deinonychus is the model they use for velociraptors in the film, although one of my favourite carnivores I’m not sure if it will be put in the game because of this reason

Don’t they use Utahraptors, and not Deinonychus? At least I think they are based off of Utahs, but that may be wrong

No Utahs were a bit bigger and I dont think as mean as the deinonychus I did read it somewhere about the films, plus when I saw them in the film I was like wtf deinonychus? Cos I was a bit of a dino nerd as a kid :sweat_smile:

To add on to that deinonychus meant terrible claw, which the Raptors in JP and JW have

Yes, but looking at the sizes of the movie raptors, and Utahraptors, they are very similar. Both are around 6 feet tall and 16 to 25 feet (2 meters tall and 3-5 meters for metric users). And most r, if not almost all, raptors have the terrible claw, I pretty sure that deinonychus was found first though

I think deinonychus was also the same size then

No they are about half the size.

Utahraptor looked way too big

Average human height is about 5 foot 8 in the films they were no bigger than 4 foot at least

That is the exact picture I found. I looked up more info than just the picture after I found it though. Sam Niel is 6’0", so the utahraptor was pretty accurate with size

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I think the info is constantly changing as well, when deinonychus was first found they said it was a lot bigger than it is now.

Plus all the stuff with spino being bipedal then not bipedal, constant changes we cant keep up with :joy:

Yes. I like the story of spino myself, but I enjoy all dinos. In only a few years we have found how wrong Jurassic Park was about their scaly beasts that we cherish

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I will never accept spino on all fours though I’m sorry that thing just looked so wrong, like nearly as bad as when they thought the earth was flat :joy:

True, but it evolved into what it is today, and yes it looks wrong, but that could be due to years of seeing spino as bipedal

We would have to assume that suchomimus and baryonx also share the same trait and I just cant see that… might aswell just say it’s a crocodile

Likely not as they are related, but not the same things. Bary and Sucho were more adapted to fishing with their claws, while Spino adapted to acutally swim around to catch prey.

Yes, it can be Deino with Allo g2 i dont see a big diferences between Denio and uthah, I just really want hybrid from my two top Fav. dinos (Allosaurus + Utahraptor)

And I also thing jurrassic raptor are more utahraptors, velociraptor are much smaller, maybe they just used velociraptor name bec sounds better for dinosaur movie?

Yes, they did use Velociraptors as they were more famous and popular at the time

But it didn’t have very strong jaws, so its arms would have helped it to catch and hold on to prey and also to defend itself, similar to how a bear hunts i reckon, I just really cant see it as an oversized crocodile looking dimetrodon and I suppose we will never know it’s true form

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I think you can have real hope for Deino in the game as he already is in jwa

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