Still require 2 raid invites to join Raid

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Bug Description:
Since I installed version 2.9 (and now 2.10), everytime I get invited to Raid, first invite fails:

  1. I get “Failure” text on screen)
  2. Application re-logins into Google play
    If I am invited to the same Raid again then I can join the Raid.

This is issue that was supposedly fixed in 2.10, but I am still getting it.

Area is was found in: Raids

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Install JWA 2.9 or 2.10
Step 2 - Get invited to Raid
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: Always

What type of device are you using: Android 10

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)


no they don’t … what good … annoying mistakes frustrate us so much … * irony off *

We’re currently working on solutions for the following issues:

  • When accepting a Raid invite from a friend, GooglePlay may logout

I’m with the same bug, and happens all the time I receive an invite to raid as well, and only when I try to join in a raid with an invite.

Android V 11
JWA V 2.10.25

This is also occurring to me and several other people in my Alliance. The logout occurs 90% of invites. Even when accepting invites immediately after logging into the game.
This has been happening for weeks now. It actually seems to have gotten worse since 2.10 was launched.

When can we expect a resolution Ludia???

Ludia don’t care, they don’t know how to fix it either which is why it’s moved into the investigating list (aka we have no idea how to fix this so we’ll just mention it after every update). It’s a joke!


Several patches to fix bugs and a new whole version of the game after, this bugs still roaming free.

It’s the same issue with several of my alliance mates

Have the same issue when accepting a Raid invite from a friend, GooglePlay logout.

Android 10
Jwa 2.10.25

Bug still active.

I said a while back that it was highly likely that this would be like so many other bugs. Just left to fester with all the rest.

Let’s look at this……
It wasn’t there until the update before last was it?
So somehow the programmers put it in with the update, but don’t know how they did it.
They probably tried to fix it, but actually managed to make things worse so gave up trying to fix it.

And her I am with the latest Samsung s21+ and I can’t get into raids without 2 invites after I log into my google play account every time.

Great ……

Damn this bug gets pretty annoying. When I am outside my communication channels do not work so I cannot tell my clanmates to invite me again …
I send support ticket…I wonder if they ever reply, they didn’t when I said report tiket regarding the login issue from 2.9…

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Bug Description:

Am I missing something or the over a year old bug of trying to accept a Raid invite resulting in a prompt for sign-in again is still there??
Organizing a Raid is hard enough, last thing we need is constant “Hey, can you invite me again?”

Area is was found in:
Raid invite

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Get a Raid invite
Step 2 - Select ‘Accept’

How often does it happen:
Every first attempt of Raid invite accept during the current launch of the app

What type of device are you using:
Android 10


This is an issue related to GPlay.
If you switch the game to FB authentication, you won’t see it anymore.

Good job it was fixed on this latest update!

Well, that’s what they claimed although it’s now worse than it was before hahaha

Unbelievable :joy: