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Still too broken

Dear ludia,
I know the patch notes arent for a while but PLEASE tell me they will include a huge nerf to indoraptor gen 2. It’s way to op. It doesn’t need to add the dodge when it already has evasive stance, and it should have the ability to go through any dodge move.


Indo gen 2 is not OP. It is a very strong creature, but not OP. It has counters like porkus, suchotator, maxima, and Indom gen 2. It’s fine as is

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On top of all that, I once heard someone say that Indo Gen 2 doesn’t fare too well against anything with slowing capabilities.

Please try to justify how a move that has 5 attributes with 0 cool down is not OP.


3 actually

Same cant be said to people who dont have proper counters. Often times I dont even draw my ProRat to counter it. Sometimes my Thor/Indom does the trick to lower its HP just enough to swap in for my Monostego. Again, same cannot be said for others

It’s 5 attributes. Evasion, Speed up, Distraction, damage, and Precise.

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Its not OP, its just overwhelming. Though I agree it needs to retweaked like giving it only 50% chance to dodge 66% of damage, and also getting rid of speed up. Often times the people who dont see the problem in CS is because they use it most of the times. Therefore being mostly dependent on it, and the problem lying on them

Nah i use indo2 for the DSR, tho I can agree it
losing speed up, but not before a Procerat nerf

If you crunch numbers, you’ll find that there is a basic move that’s even worse than cautious strike

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No need to justify what you use it for. We just all need to focus on hoping and keep suggesting to Ludia to fix the broken aspects in the game.

What might that be? Im interested.

I assume you mean Definite Strike.

cough coughProceratcough coughLaniacough coughmothcough coughGeminicough coughBOOSTScough cough


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If PFS is what you’re talking about, both are problematic in their own respective ways. Right now PFS is only given to the creatures who are immune from Distraction capabilities which makes it even worse. CS just has one, err… 5 many things going on at once. As I and many have suggested PFS could be tweaked to be only 25% or even 33% attack buff. Also get rid of the immunity of distraction from the Wooly Mammoth. Therefore creating a ripple effect. No immunity in Mammoth, therefore equals no immunity in Mammotherium and Mammolania.

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Persistent ferocious strike. I would say they’re about even, but due to the immune creatures dominating the arena, as well as creatures that are to bypass evasion are also prevalent, cautious strike begins to lose ground. Meanwhile, PFS allows the user to start with an impact and then constantly spam a rampage if desired. When it comes to distraction then, your damage isn’t .75x, but rather 1x because of how ferocious and distract cancel. So when PFS is stacked, you still end up with an impact. And then the setups that this move allows makes it even more insane. Cautious strike is great for the swap punish, but the setups that PFS allow beats it. If immunity wasn’t so important, I’d say Cautious strike would take #1

I definitely agree PFS needs either removed, or reduced to only 1 turn. However, we probably should discuss that in another thread about PFS. This thread is (one of many) about CS and Indo Gen 2.

A problem can never be solved by just taking it out of the equation. Chaos will stir in the fourm, due to some people already being accustomed to the move and also being dependent on it. What Ludia just needs to do is to tweak both moves. I mean the point of a basic attack is to deal damage in the lowest way possible in respect to your other moves. Behold, the tweaked moves:

Cautious Strike
{1x Damage. Basic Attack. 50% Chance to dodge 66% damage for one turn. Distract opponent for 1 turn.}

Persistent Ferocious Strike
{1x Damage. Basic Attack. 25% Boost in attack for 2 turns}

Another solution would also be to omit the Immunity of Distraction from Manny, err Wooly Mammoth. Therefore creating a domino effect. No Immunity in Mammoth, no Immunity in Mammotherium and Mammolania

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Or +50% after the hit, like vulnerability