Still using Common & Rare dinos?

With the new update, alliance members can donate common and rare DNA to each other. However as a lvl 14 player, I use almost exclusively new Legendary dinos and a few Epic ones in battles. With the exception of Velociraptor, Suchotator and Allosaurus, it doesn’t seem like there are any common or rare dinos that are worth leveling up to use in battle. And accordingly, almost all of the DNA I’m seeing being requested in my alliance is obviously for creating hybrids from, not for leveling up a dinosaur for battle. Maybe that will change with time, or is just that eventually at high level play nobody ever uses common or rare dinos in battle?

Maybe Deinocheirus?

I have a lvl 21 tany that pops on and off my team.

Of course. But you have to level them up. :grinning:
Generally, higher rarity means stronger dinosaur, but if you are using counters, a dino of lower rarity can kill a dino of higher rarity at same level.

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Makes sense. :woman_shrugging: Uniques and Legendaries are harder to create and level up so makes sense they’d be better and more used. Occasionally you see overleveled commons and rares like Allo, Posto, Deino, etc.

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its crazy though… at the same cost to level but even way more dna… i have yet to power a rare or common over level 20.

Good call Ms. Rex on the Tanycolagreus…I occasionally go up against similarly leveled ones in battles and they can give me fits.

Tanya, Allo (badass HP buff at 30 rocking over 6k) and possibly the common Draco next…

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There are plenty of rares and commons to be requesting besides epics…

Kapro, Dimetredon, Irritator, dilopho, Utahraptor., T rex gen 2, Tarbo ect… plenty of unique dinos need level 20 rares and commons so those are the ones your gonna want to prioritize… not just something to level but something to fuse.

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I’m leveling Dracorex gen 2 for it’s SIA shattering rampage. For rares, I might level Purrolyth cause I like it, he’s not a priority tho. I also like Nundasuchus so I might level mines a little it’s level 15 right now I believe, might be 14.

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@Evicton, this not about leveling commons and rares to lvl 15 or lvl 20 for hybridizing / fusing purposes. This is about whether I should bother upgrading them past lvl 20 to use them solo for battles.

In general thats a pretty good way to waste coins and dna… if a common is viable past 20 there will be tweaks… ie indoraptor got that hp buff just so tawny couldnt beat it 1v1.

Outside of a few exceptions already noted… and a level playing field in equal levels… legendaries and uniques will beat commons and rares and most epics… over leveling them can be effective for a short time but again its a heavy cost for a short term gain. Even though allo will do well overleveled youd be way better off investing in its hybrid long term.

When your paying 50-250k coins to level something you wanna try to make sure its something thats worth the time.


@the_lung I had my level 18 Deinocherus on my team well into Sorna Marshes. I adored my feathery baby, and she served me well. People always underestimated her, and then she’d destroy them. Then she got a hybrid, and suddenly everyone wanted her. Team Deinocherus all the way!


Great topic.

Was going to make this post soon.

Is there any rares or commons in top 500, except Raptors and bleeders.

I think overlevel koolashusus gen 2 and erlikosaurus gen 2 are very strong creatures. I’m wrong?

I think it’s a very lame and noobish strat to exclusively use legendaries, it’s what beginners and children do. Better to build a nicely balanced team (inspite of tier) which works well together, than having a bunch of overpowered individual creatures (we always banned legendaries in our Pokémon competitive battles back in the day).

FYI my team contains 1 or 2 commons (or a rare) and 2 Epics.

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I’m not sure it’s lame and noobish to fill your team with legendaries and uniques , but it’s predictable and boring .
Until this latest update everyone started with Steg or Trag . Now there’s variety and you’re never sure . Hats off to Ludia for this .

Not sure about variety. I’ve been seeing either

  1. Dilo Unique or
  2. Utarinex

99% of the time as an opener.

The other 1% are either

  1. Utasinoraptor; or
  2. Tryko; or
  3. Spinotasuchus.

I’m not so sure about other arenas. But that was the case in Arena 9 (Arena 10 currently).

With the exception of @Kitalon, whose input was needlessly antagonistic, there have been some good responses. Sounds like the chickens (Deinocherus and Erlikosaurus) are the only realistic candidates worth investing in.

I would add that almost nobody uses any common, rare or epic non-hybrid in important arenas. The only exceptions are someTany (which will disappear possibly after version 1.5) and some allosauro that may be really an option to consider.
Has anyone seen a rare or epic non-hybrid beyond the 4000 trophies? I do not
That’s why currently a rare or epic without a hybrid is a dino “useless” and I think it’s a shame that it is so.

Even then i wouldnt recommend level dieno past 20… unless you have either no intentions of making its vastly superior unique, because to level it from 20-21 takes 10k dna and thats 5 fuses worth of dna.

The other thing that stops most people from experimenting is the coins cost. Your paying the same amount of coins to level a common or rare. And coins are ultimately the limiting factor. A good example of this is you can spend 50k coins to level a vraptor from 20-21. Or you can do 25 fuses of indo for 25k coins and spend the other 25k elsewhere on your team.

Often i have multiple members of my team ready to level but no coins… rarely do i have coins and nothing to level because of level requirements on the hybrids and uniques means theres always something to level…

Question for you, are you tring to make a non hybrid team?

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I’m in Arena 10 and just put my 22 Suchotator on my team. So far, so good, but of course time will tell.

It’s much harder for me to get the DNA for some uniques I would like to have, so I’m willing to spend the coins to maybe even leveling her further.

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