Still waiting for Account Recovery

Yesterday afternoon I wanted to check something on the Facebook page and clicked Connect to Facebook. I got message about prior account from 07/18/2018. I had no prior account. Thought it was asking to override with my level 20 account. Now my account is gone and there’s a level 1 in place. Contact Support and immediate reply at 2:20pm confirming found my old account, wanted me to verify it was to be recovered, written over the other. Since then nothing has happened.
Level 1 is only one that opens on my phones. Cleared cache, uninstalled, reinstalled, sent message to in game support again, sent email, etc. Now here. Have no way to inform my Alliance, do not want to lose out on Tenonto, my coins. My dinos… please help

Some additional info: this is a second phone number I got in December. Recently I decided to add Facebook app to that phone but couldn’t remember my password. Did the Forgot Password and was sent a Code via Text and changed password. ON SOMEONE ELSE’S FACEBOOK ACCOUNT. I logged off and notified Facebook. Not sure if this is tied to the problem but is why I don’t want to connect things to Facebook.

Hey Emily_Bronstein, could you send me a private message on the forum of the email address you used to contact our team? I would be happy to check on this for you.

I am still waiting for my account to be recovered. How long does it take? I was told at 2:20pm last Wednesday the process could begin. Since then nothing.