Still waiting for this power based matchmaking

while doing some matches, ie going on endless loosing streaks, I had a tip pop up saying that the matches are based on my dinos level and the stat boosts applied to them. I literally laughed and showed my friend. I don’t think i’ve played against someone at my power level in weeks. all my opponents have higher level dinos, mine are 20-23 while opponents are 24-30, with more stat boosts than mine, mine are at best tier 5 while opponents are at tier 7 if i’m lucky.

on top of that the rng is clearly 1 sided. im getting 0-3 by thors with them getting all crits, their rats are critting on their swap in, my evasion and stealth works 1 time if im lucky most of the time they just 1 hit crit me through them. really loving getting the double crit against me with dinos that have counter. yesterday i fought 6 rats in a row lol what a troll matchmaking system.

SO when is this power based matchmaking going to kick in? it would be lovely if it would be soon.

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Are you sure your opponents are boosted to tier 7? Do you screen shot and compare to the field guide?

Lower boosted high level dinos can look like they are super boosted.

I’m in exactly the same boat mate .
Lose at least four match ups to way more powerful , higher boosted dinos before winning one . So the grind is ever longer to get my daily in order to possibly get enough boosts to catch up with those I’m matched against !
But there’s no logic in that is there ?
They will be doing the same , and as I boost my low level , low boosted dinos , they will boost their high level high boosted dinos and the gap will remain .
Hey ho … that’s the new matchmaking algorithm for you .

ive fought rats with almost 5k health doung 3.6k damage at lvl 25. its just a guess. but their stats are clearly higher than mine across the board. regardless of what boost level they are at, based on how matchmaking is supposed to work i shouldn’t be fighting them regardless. i love being 6k hit by thors so much fun.