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Still waiting on support

recieved message from support Friday night that they found my account that suddenly disappeared and would give it back if I wanted it…hmmm I wonder

still waiting

Hey Chrispm22, I’m sorry to hear that you are still waiting for a response from our team, they are having some delays due to an influx of tickets, but I’m sure they will try and get back to you soon.

It’s been 6 days since it disappeared, and 5th day since they’ve said they found it and can give it back. What exactly is considered a back to me son amount of time?

Reasonable, and what kind of time is to be expected, are two different things. My account disappeared 3 weeks ago, and I contacted them immediately. Just a couple days ago I inquired again on the status of the restoration, and they said there was still a huge backlog of accounts to be restored. I’ve put over $400 into this game, and now I’ve missed out on 3 weeks of content, specials, and events. There’s been no mention of compensation for the downtime, nor the cause. But clearly something specific did cause this, or there wouldn’t be such a large backlog of accounts to be restored. Makes me wonder what’s up. Also makes me question whether I trust Ludia with my money anymore.