Still waiting

Still waiting for the new character River to be released for non VIP. It’s been probably two weeks or more now.

Has anyone been able to match with River not VIP yet?

I have been able to match with him a while ago! and I am no VIP

That’s not fair. I’m not VIP and they still show under “See who likes you”

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Yea I actually matched with him shorty after he was released, it took a few scrolls to get to him. I’m unsure as to why your still having an issue matching with him? :thinking:

Idk but they’re forever stuck in VIP.

Support said something about having no other available matches creating a glitch but I don’t get it either

I took the suggestion offered and unmatched with one of my least favourite matches ( figured at this point i had nothing to lose by trying) and was able to match with him when his counter ran out.

I’ll try that