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Still wanna know why this is allowed. (Speed Boosts Rework)

Seriously, I’d like to know. I know people like their nitro chompers/tanks and I know they’ve been around for a very long time, But I’d seriously like to know why it’s allowed.

An Indominus… I repeat, an INDOMINUS, outsped my unboosted Indoraptor by 3 speed.

And that’s just one of many you’d meet.

I also met a max faster than my unboosted thyla.

A Thor faster than everything but my Quetz.

And who speeds a Gigaspikasaur to oblivion?

It’s not to say I always lose to these types of opponents, but the fact you can make these creatures faster than what they’re countered by purely because of their speed-edge ruins the point of matchups like Pyroraptor VS Tyrannosaurus.

And I know, people have always been like this, but hear me out.

My speedboosts rework would work like this:

Instead of giving 2 extra points to speed, speedboosts now only increase your speed by 0.25%. Yes, speed will now be percentage based.

For example, a Thor can now only reach 110 speed. A Maxima can only reach 114. And for speedsters, a Quetz can reach 136, and a Magna can reach 134.

In this way, you can still speedboost something like a Thor if you want to revenge kill unspeedboosted Maxima’s, but never outspeed Indoraptors, Magnas, or Erlidoms.

Sound good?

  • Yes! This’ll create a bit more balance.
  • No. I don’t care about those mega-speed-boosted things.

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Just boost your own team. Problem solved.


And for unboosted players? It’s also not easy to get some creatures to speed points, it’ll still take time to get your Erlidominus to 147.

Unboosted players aren’t using a mechanic in the game available for everyone. Their losses in the arena are 100% their fault if they aren’t boosting.


But like I said, if a T-Rex is faster than a Pyro, then why should Pyro exist?

Because a fast trex is either very weak in health, or very weak in attack. And, if a Trex is outspeeding a pyro, the pyro made a serious blunder in their boosting. Boost fast dinos in speed.

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I’m torn. On one hand, yes, super speed boosted dinos are a nightmare. On the other…

…They waste 20 boosts on speed, I use 10. I can freely apply attack or health boosts to the dino instead, and the speedy dino is still defeated because it was never intended to be a speedster in the first place.

A Thor with max speed will only put a small dent in my Utasino. A Thor with max HP or max attack with put a hefty dent in her, if not KOing her altogether.

But still, those same fast dinos need health and attack to support their speed. Just saying.

When boosting, capitalize on a dino’s strengths, don’t try to compensate for its weaknesses. A speed boosted tank or chomper suffers against fast dinos. That’s the sacrifice they make.


Sometimes, you want a chomper fast enough for revenge killing. Most tanks either don’t or don’t have much speed. I suppose a 0.5% speed increase should work for that. With the current speed boost system, that goes too far. Slower chompers like Thor try to revenge kill faster tanks like Maxima, and speedster’s who didn’t bother speed-boosting end up slower than these the other two types. Speedy chompers want to revenge kill slow tanks, so those same tanks go nitro to stop that from happening.

Now, if a speedster wastes too much on speed, they won’t have the damage or health to survive for very long, hence why boosting a Magna is very tough to do. On one hand, you want it faster than what it’s meant to counter, but you want it to have the damage to counter it as well. Those conflicts can easily be resolved with a 0.25-0.5% speed boosting system.

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If you don’t boost, they you basically are’t playing the game the way it is supposed to be played. Boost your team if its a problem. They are playing the game the way its supposed to be played

The main point is, if speedsters have to waste a lot of their points on speed, they won’t have any damage to take out what they’re meant to counter. If a Velo has 160 speed but only damage in the high 1000’s with a Tarbo having health in the 5000’s, that creates conflict in boosting.

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You literally need to pump 2 boosts of speed onto your Indoraptor to beat that Indom. It still allows 28 boosts to be applied to whatever stat you want. Besides with thylac, you never boost attack anyways. Just speed and hp

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If I wanted to, I could boost its speed (but indo is terrible now) as for Thyla, I haven’t found any use for it now, but still. If I wanted to, yes, I could easily kill that same Indom. But the thing is, if you want Quetzorion to be faster than every Nitro Mortem, yet you find one boosted how you’d expect, then you lose thanks to your low health and damage. That’s where I’m getting at

You are going to want speedsters at about 150 speed to keep up with other speedsters. Mortems shouldn’t be outspeeding a normally boosted speedster. the problem is is that YOU aren’t using boosts, suffering, and then blaming the system when it actually is not as bad as it’s made out to be. Speedy thor? I have my sarco and mags over 140 and they crush it. It’s fine

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If you do that, and a mortem boosted only in health and attack comes along, did you waste your speed boosts?

No, because you need to find a balance. This is why max speed thors are terrible, because they decided to make a frail thor that gets 2-shot by everything

Ok, that’s good, I just think the entire boost system is conflicting and hard to decide on.

It’s always a good idea to look at the top players and get a general idea on how they are boosting when deciding how you want to build a Dino. Don’t try to copy them tier per tier cause they tend to move boosts around at time. But you can atleast prioritize what stats on what Dino’s.

You can look at their team on the leaderboard and long press a particular Dino to see its stats.

Sometimes you see some interesting trends like teams have moved away from speed altogether. Or how a lot of teams have 0 speed on Dio and their trykos are only 110.

Top player has 3 Dino’s with 0 speed boosts.

I really don’t plan on speed boosting anything like a Gemini, just stuff like Magna or Quetzorion. I just find it annoying you have to speed boost boost speedsters so they keep up with each other and nitro chompers, only to meet a chomper that can survive your attacks.