Stock of apatosaurus fossils?

I was thinking to stock up som more AF for the trade harbour. But I’m not able to stock up huge numbers because it looks to me like I need to place them on the islands before putting them in the “market”. I’ve seen people posting pictures with >100 AF in their market. How do you make that in practice? Do you have that much free space on the islands that you can place 100 AF before putting them back in the market?


Yes ten more AFs

I always stock up afs especially if chanya gave me a really good food to coin trade last time she gave me so much coins that brought me to max cap then I brought thet max cap down to 40m and gave me over 50afs then after a few hours i got another one which was too good and forced me to buy more afs. But don’t do food to coin trades if you need the food. Up to now I still have 34 afs in my market. I did all that coin trades last 2 weeks ago!


You don’t need to have 100 AFs in your market. Like you’re saying, it means you need that much free space and it’s unnecessary. Just keep around 7 on land than you can use and around 3 or 4 in your market. If you ever have more trades for them than you have in your market, just grab some that you have on land. After you’re done with your trades, go buy some more and replace the ones on land and the 3 or 4 in your market.

Edit: make sure you grab the extra AFs from your land before trading your last AF from you market or the other AF trades will expire since you don’t have any left in your market.


I have been buying expansions in Isla Sorna since the day I got it unlocked and I that is where I place my afs so I can just press the button to put them in the market all at once. Right now it can fit 80 afs.

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