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Stolen trophies. Ludia, your matchmaker is a lie

@Ludia_Developers stated matchmaker makes battles more balanced. And so for trophies transfer system.

Look at my team:

Now look at my last opponent’s team:

everybody boosted. of course we cant see boosts from profile (ludia’s bad too).

i was at 4673 trophies, and thanks to new season trophies system i cant check other players score, except record (its 4803).

than @Ludia_Developers matchmaker thought it was a nice balanced battle and there we were.

lets see:

  • my team: 4 uniques, 2 legendaries, 1 epic and 1 rare. lowest level is 21 and highest is 24. average level = 23.12
  • opponent’s team: 5 uniques, 3 legendaries. lowest level is 23 and highest is 30. average level = 25.5

my team is all average tier 5 boost and some tier 6 i applied this weekend (to loose more trophies).

but also opponent’s dinos. that draco was tier 4 health, tier 6 attack and tier 5 speed. it was hard to deal with that tryko, boosted and faster than my tier 5 tryko. level 26 boosted indoraptor was hard to damage too, but the player was impatient to finish me slowly and swapped to a unbeatable maxed draco.

so i miserably lost with my 4 best dinos (i dont think i would select others if i could).

and guess what: i lost 30 trophies. stolen from matchmaker, because there was no chance to win. matchmaker is a robin hood, takes trophies from one player and gives to another.

so i ask Ludia: WHAT SHOULD I DO? is that what you know about the word “balanced”? you should learn more, then.

i challenge @Ludia_Developers to replicate that battle and win. i have the player id/name if they need to check data.

but do you wanna know? i think Ludia developers don’t even play this game. The problems like bugs and logics are SO CLEAR, they don’t need to have a test team, they just need to PLAY the game.

So please bring back 1.6 trophies-only matchmaker, once you don’t have enough programming skills to make a better one.

At least we was facing stronger teams (arena droppers) less often and had benefits for upgrading teams.

And if you need programmers to fix bugs and test the game, i can help you for free.

Thank you for your cooperation. :wink:


My team is 5 levels higher than yours on average and almost the same trophy count.


i am at this trophy range (4600~4800) for 1 and a half month. and since there to now, i leveled up half of these dinos and applied many boost levels… but matchmaker keeps laughing on my face.

I’ve got a higher leveled team (2-3 avg) and about 800 less trophies, but I’m matched against people with 800 more trophies to same trophy count as me. I was in Aviary, now struggle to stay in Ruins.

if we face a stronger team at the limit of the team score range stated, we should loose much less trophies, because it’s almost a sure lost. that team i posted should not take 30 trophies of mine, but some like 10 to 20. i hadn’t a chance, so for sure i would lost trophies… at least could be less trophies lost.

this is why i say “stolen” trophies.

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agreed completely. The one of the top player in top 5 rank (who is of-course awesome player, nothing negative about player) battled me few times due to matchmaking where he had 400+ trophies higher than me and highly boosted (speed mainly) earned more than 35 trophies from me … Only because he had some rares/epics in team and I have 7x uniques?

why I lost many trophies when he clearly have higher trophies and boosts compare to mine.

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yep. probably is in trophies range, AND strenght score range. the worst match, when matchmaker MUST transfer minimum trophies from looser to winner.

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The aim of the current matchmaking is to make arena such an unbearable cesspool and rage inducing that players feel pressured into buying boosts and coins to level their team, which will only make the opponents harder anyway I have proven.

Once I noticed this I stopped playing arena all together, not even doing a SINGLE match in the current state of the game.

Would love to start battling again if we had 1.6 matchmaking, swap in attack removed since rat is the single worst thing ever added in the history of the game, and also either speed boosts removed entirely or give us a seperate arena with boosts disabled (which im sure most players would use and thus make boosts pointless to buy so Lydia won’t do it - see who needs happy players and customers when you can have money!)

@Ludia_Developers Your cash grab that is the “Boost System” is the definition of Repugnant!