Stone Cold Stunners 🤪

This should be fun. Im going to use a team of all stunners and see how far they take me lol. so far its been fun lol. im just bored and thought this would keep me busy.


Let’s hooe your opponents don’t read this post and have a team full of immunity Dino’s then :rofl:


just took out a level 23 tryko with my little diloran.


Not all stunners will lose to immunes though, like green chicken can win almost all dinos with immunity.

if only my rinex was higher level i wouldve won this match.

As long as Thor doesn’t crit on the first turn, stegocera will win!

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ironically the dudes name was StoneCutter😂

Came here thinking this was going to be about players…

But alas, it’d only about stunning dinos…