Stop adding more variants of the same dragon

Why we have soo many toothlesses or soo many stormflys? Better rename them like "dreadfall night fury " or just add skins. How hard it could be? I hate when i see more than one toothless in the same team. Yes its op but its kinda confusing. Now you will ask how the skin system will work… its simple. When you change the skin the abilities of the dragon will change too. And its all done. Its better for your roster and will make the game a little more realistic. And btw I will be grateful if i see lighting toothless SKIN in the future.

Lighting toothless SKIN ability(example)
All foes takes 190% damage
All allies gain 30% spirit
This dragon gain invisibility for 5 turns

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So you want more roster space and you want to change back to when it was impossible to use two version of same dragon in a team?

Something like that😶

Next update there would be twenty more roster spots for non-members which would ease the pain of not having enough spots for a while.
If there’s a skin system I doubt if we would be unable to participate in new events because we don’t have enough space for more skins. I would rather they just add more roster spots.
Ban the use of multiple version of same dragon might not be a popular idea. Those without enough fish and dragons may just give up the new dragons that can’t be added to their team without throwing out their strongest dragon.

Yea you are right… its too late for the skins😥