Stop and nerf Thor! It is too OP!

Thor needs to be deleted as it is too OP…

… sorry, I couldn’t resist…

(Draco parody)


Lmao you had me going


I guessed that when I saw the title :joy:

I am seriously considering making topics complaining about Indoraptor again, like I used to do months ago almost every week… Just to “counter” all the Dracocera complaints


Should do it. And ill make posts about wanting indo to have cloak back :sweat_smile: will be good fun

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Magna needs a nerf too while your at it

Bahaha… imagine a nerf soo bad that the Dino is just removed from the game :sweat_smile:


Voice of Vox Populi :tongue:



Stop and nerf stegosaurus! It is too OP against my velociraptor! :joy: jkjk

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It becomes a reality!

@Moksha hi there, you ever stop and think that maybe your constant complaining gets annoying after a while? :joy: im honestly asking in the nicest way, because I genuinely want to know if you consider how negative you constantly are or if it just happens and youre cool with it… cheers mate hope your day is going well :slight_smile:

My point is:

  1. Make A LOT more dinos good. Let us have minimum 300 dinos, let the end-game be 50 dinos - VARIATION.

  2. Make battles fun and competitive. It’s not fun with to few dinos, it’s not to fun with overpowered and aswell to unbalanced stuff.

  3. Give us security and continuity, meaning, make good dinos from the start, test them and maby make small adjustments if needed. Don’t give us 400 sino every week and letting people having lvl 25 THOR and EVERYHING else below level 20. Don’t force every player to the same corner.

  4. Everything that goes out of those 3 ideas should be looked at, probably why I post so many ”negative” thoughts.

And I write this posts with awareness, no worries. Negativity is also a force to change.

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@Moksha Ahhhhh! THERE WE GO, I knew you could be constructive as well, that’s exactly what I wanted.

I may have actually seen you post some of those thoughts in other threads, which is great, I will support good ideas any day of the week! :wink:

What I was referring to wasn’t those good ideas, which I knew you had. I was referring to complaining in multiple posts, sometimes creating threads complaining about similar things.

You have the right ideas and the right intention my friend, it just seems like you need to take a step back, remember this is a game, relax and then, only then, come on here and post good, informative suggestions… (again, you may have done so…) but you gotta work on the tone of your text, because to me and others it seems like youre whining and complaing (gathering from responses ive seen… so anybody correct me if im wrong)

Just keep up the good ideas, but try to pass it on in a more relaxed and civilized manner :grin::sunglasses:

That way mods and other forum authorities wont have any reason to not pass it on to the devs.

Regarding the part about negativity being a force to change… sure it can be, but there comes a time where youre not only being negative towards mods, devs and people at ludia, but you start to become an annoyance to the ones “around” you in the forum… and we don’t need more of that, we need the opposite :slight_smile:

We’ve all complained at some point, I have many times… but we’ve reached a stage where that doesn’t really get us anywhere.

Boosts are too OP please nerf them!

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Nerf Moksha, too OP


As I see it, L have slowly givning up the game.

When givning away 5 x Unique and by keeping same weekley Sino-Dna for months.

If this never happend, people would been slowed down, and needed to play more and for a longer period.

When boost camed, this was the final stop and now everyone will be facing same dinos every battle for next months.

People will get bored.

Nerf Thor and make a super unique with Thor and indoraptor.

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Nerf IndoThor before it gets made! Too OP

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The new indothorex super sayan 10 needs a nerf asap

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What are you talking about? Monominus was already snaped out of the game XD