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Stop arrogant support and fix bugs

Hello Support and Devs,

Alexandre here, member of LionHeart family.
First of all, we are a 6 clan comunity with 150 players, and believe me, if it wasn’t people creating this friendly communities, me and alot other wouldn’t be playing this game anymore.

I come here today because you banned our leader @shortySTK, she has a bug and is always getting the attached image error, THIS HAPPENS ON EVERY DEVICE.
So it’s NOT DEVICE RELATED, it’s something in the account that is triggering the error, can you just check logs and see whats going on?!
Maybe it’s related to the fact that she has ended story mode?! Dunno, leave to you to do you job.

You are not just forcing out one random player, you are forcing out a cornerstone of the whole Titan Uprising community that got 150 players together in a high competitive yet friendly clan, most of us are FC subscribers and as your costumers we would like you to get this fixed.

Waiting for your feedback.!


Heys guys!

I fully support Alexandre in this … we as a community that feels like family are being to be ripped a part due to you guys banning our leader!
We NEED @shortySTK and you guys need to fix the game …not ban loyal paying members that have nothing else in mind than spread positivity and love about your game :lion::heart:

I hope that you will rectify and handle this situation correctly, sincerely Samantha


I completely support this. There is a difference between spamming, and writing multiple messages in order to update support on your issues and asking for more information. Banning one of the most influencial person of your community outside forums is really a bold move :stuck_out_tongue:

#FreeShorty !


Hello. Another LionHeart community member here. I just came to support Alexandre and mainly @shortySTK. Same as others this game would be long deleted from my phone if there wasn’t for what Shorty and all of us built together.

As it was said before. Most of us our subscribers and I think that more then few of us even spend beyond that.
Me personally I was happy to subscribe and buy stuff from time to time so I could support you Guys and your game. Shorter version. I believe and hope that you won’t make me regret supporting you.

Please do the right thing.




I too support the recovery of @shortySTK 's account. Its not often i can find a community that i can be apart of, so in return for bringing me into this community, the least I could do is stand loyally by her side. So lets be reasonable adults about this and reach an understanding.


Hello, I am also here to support ShortySTK. I was delighted to find the dedicated game community established by her and this is one of the things that makes the game better for everyone. The ban is really a disgrace and seems to be a systematic approach rather than an unfortunate event. Please reconsider this decision, having positive community interacton is beneficial for both parties here.

Thank you,


I agree with everyone here. Btw another LionHeart member here. Shorty didn’t do something bad. She didn’t say anything bad to you, she just only wanted to tell you how many bugs are in this game. I don’t understand why you banned her from support. I love this game and I also bought some stuff for real money sometimes. Please do the right decision. Thanks


It’s that Yohomie guy that’ll help out those who need it. @shortySTK deserves to have support back and she didn’t need to get a straight up ban. I will support her all the way even if I’m not from #Lionheart and so does #Valhalla. I hope each like, post, reply and share will have the meaning and support enough to earn it back! :blush::heart::heart:


I totally support Alexander on this. It saddens me greatly that shorty feels driven out of the game by your inability to address and fix her numerous bugs and by your customer support banning her for trying to get her issues fixed. I am also frustrated by your inability to fix bugs in general. Part of the problem seems that you don’t want to hear about the bugs. Both my husband and I have been threatened with bans from customer support due to “spamming” your customer support chat. Well the chat is a very inefficient way of communicating bugs in that if you already have an open chat and you want to add additional information related to your bug…or want to report another bug…you need to add to the chat. For some reason your customer support department considers this spamming, where most of us considers this a dialogue to communicate issues with you. If we send an email to avoid adding to the in game chat, it’s counted against us as spamming. Threatening us with a ban is uncalled for when all we want to do is fix the game we love. I’m pretty sure you don’t do enough in house testing to catch all these bugs as evidenced by the fact that you have repeatedly pushed out new updates with many bugs in place. So how are you guys to know what’s going on if we don’t feel like we can report bugs to you for fear of getting banned by customer support? Ever since I got threatened with a ban, I’ve been avoiding telling you about my many in game bugs/errors. How does that help you fix and improve your game?

Why don’t you want to hear about our issues? I’d think you’d want to know about them so that you can fix them. If you continue to ignore all the bugs in your game you are going to lose players. I’m sure you’ve lost many already. Before pushing out updates with new content, you should be pushing out updates to fix all the bugs. Instead, when you push out these content updates without fixing the problems from past updates, it just creates more bugs.

I love HTTYD! I enjoy playing this game (when there aren’t bugs). But all the bugs, in addition to your customer support’s disregard for the player base, is souring me on this game. Please listen to us when it comes to reporting bugs and take us seriously. I would strongly consider unbanning shorty as she has been one of your strongest advocates and she has worked hard to encourage our community to stay positive in spite of all the bugs. Please approach customer support as a dialogue and when we add more information to a support chat, don’t consider it spam because it’s not. We’re just trying to help fix the game we love. If we didn’t love this game, we wouldn’t be trying so hard to bring up the issues…we’d just quit playing it, which I’m sure many others have already done due to all the bugs.

Please let us help you fix your game. We want to keep playing it, but I fear that if things don’t change that many of us will stop since most people don’t want to play a super buggy game. Titan Uprising has a lot going for it. Please don’t ruin it by not listening to your players and ignoring all the bugs.

Thank you,


Same as everyone else, I’m here to support @shortySTK. She was just reporting the bugs (that really need to be fixed, by the way!) and didn’t deserve the support ban.

I can easily say that without her accepting me and having me join this family, I probably would not be playing the game anymore. But this current treatment from support + the constant and sometimes game breaking bugs still makes it hard to want to stay at times. I understand an immediate response to these support tickets isn’t always possible, but your players updating you on what’s going wrong with these issues before getting that response should not count against them.

Please, help make this situation right.


Could not agree more with everything that has been said there so far. This game has serious problems that need to be adressed…which is exactly what @shortySTK did. She just adressed the problems that were making her game unplayable.

And since she wrote to you and discovered some more bugs along the way, she only thought it would be good to adress then as well since you were supposed to look into this problem of hers.

The fact that you support system is horrible and you have been told about this numerous times only shows how much you “care” about this game and your fans. Why not to have different tickets so if you want to adress new bug you will open new ticket, like people have beeb suggesting here multiple times for few months now. Why is it only possible to add to the one existing? You did it this way but then complain that people are spamming.

I know this from my own experience. Every time I want to add something to the conversation I start immidiately with “sorry for bothering you again” because I feel scarred that something what happened to shortySTK could happen to me. The only problem here is your terrible support system…not people spamming. Realize this finally, please.

And if we go even further none of this would happen if your testing team was doing what they should…that means testing these new updates before you realease them. I have never seen anything like this in any other game that every update would be so full of bugs without even completely adressing the previous ones.

I am no longer surprised with people being straight angry with this as this happens every update. Your inabillity to fix those bugs is unbelieveable.

Not to mention all this things you are promising and then not delivering. For example this breeding duty with specific dragons that was supposed to go down from 2 times to just one as you stated in the release notes…which of course did not happen.

So please start on your end. Make sure you are doing your job the way you should and stop banning people that are supporting you and only want a helping hand so they can play the game they love.



I am also from Lionheart I support @Alexandre fix all the bugs and @shortySTK say nothing wrong!!!



Hello, I too am a member of the LionHeart community. I have to say that this game would not be the same without @shortySTK. She has been a huge influence on this game, and for the good. She has always tried to keep this community positive and fun, that is what the LionHeart community is all about. When everyone was in an uproar about the drama of Dreadfall Toothless event, she urged people to stay calm, keep things positive, and continued to support Ludia and the game. She is a major mediator within the game community, and many look to her for advice. Now her support has been blocked due to “spamming”, but as someone before me has mentioned, there is a difference between sending in multiple bugs and spamming. I can’t see that Shorty would be sending messages to you for no reason. She is simply trying to get her bugs fixed so that she can continue to play this game and have fun within the community.


You can’t ban paying customer from customer service. Period. Shorty has help you be better, and has calmed the mob mentality so many time when all of us just wanted to delete the game and be done with it, or when everyone jumped the gun on Toothless Dreadfall trust points. She is the one that always is telling us to be kind to support.
You are making a huge community, most of us paying customers, really a angry and continuously disappointed.


Hey guys, we don’t discuss other people’s bans. Not in the open forums and not in DM’s.